How To Get Tarcone Director’s Office Key In Escape From Tarkov

Wondering where to find Tarcone Director's Office Key In Escape From Tarkov? Check the exact location right here

Tarcone Director’s Office Key or the Custom’s Office key in Escape From Tarkov is an essential item that will you to complete the quest Delivery from the past among other things. This is one of the most important things in the game and getting it can be a bit of trouble as other players may be in the vicinity trying to do the same thing. Here you can find the elusive key in Escape From Tarkov.

How to Get Tarcone Director’s Office Key in Escape from Tarkov

To get Tarcone Director’s office key or the Custom’s Key in Escape From Tarkov, you can solve this problem using any of the solutions given below.

how to get tarcone director office key

1. Playing as Scavs

The first thing that you should do to ease the difficulty is play as a Scav, this will allow you to freely roam the levels and look for the key on the level. You should check out every drawer or the pockets of fallen scavs to find the Tarcone Director’s Office Key / Custom’s office key in the game. Once you have the key you can simply go to the extraction point and complete the mission.

2. Playing as PMC

The risks are pretty high when you’re not playing as a Scav as every player scav and AI Scav will be looking out for you, here you will need to enter the Customs office and look for the key all by yourself by making sure that you’re covering your tracks. The key will be found in one of the metal cabinets on the same level, once you have the key, simply get to the extraction point and you’ll complete the quest.

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Playing as a scav has its benefits in this particular quest, but remember that there’s a cooldown associated with them as soon as you play as one. Patience and knowing when to charge is key in this quest and though there’s not much to do, things can turn ugly in a matter of seconds if you’re not careful enough.

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