How To Get The Bronze Pocket Watch In Escape From Tarkov

Here is how you can get the Bronze Pocket Watch and complete the 'Checking' quest in Escape From Tarkov.

The ‘checking’ quest given by Prapor in Escape from Tarkov has one of the tasks where the players will have to find the bronze pocket watch. You will have to find the pocket watch and hand it over to Prapor. There will also be an optional step where you can find the key to the tank truck. But your main objective is to find the watch. If you are facing problems finding this watch, keep reading this guide where we tell you the location of the watch in Escape from Tarkov and how to complete the checking quest.

Where to Find the Bronze Pocket Watch in Escape from Tarkov?

Escape From Tarkov

The bronze pocket watch is found on the driver’s seat of the fuel tanker in Escape from Tarkov. The tanker is located next to the construction site on the customs map. The watch will be in a chain on the seat of the truck. To open this drivers’ door, you will need the Machinery key. You can get the machinery key on the same customs map inside the dorm building that is 3 floors high. There inside the room no 205, you will find a brown jacket hanging on one of the walls. Inside the pocket of this jacket, you will find the machinery key.

Now, remember, when you extract the key and you die before successful extraction, you will have to start the checking quest again. The pocket watch will be placed in the player’s quest inventory as soon as picked up. Return this bronze pocket watch to Prapor and you will successfully complete the Checking quest in Escape from Tarkov.

So that is all for our guide on where to find the bronze pocket watch in Escape from Tarkov 2021. If you would like to know the woods map guide of the game, we have an article on that too for you to check out.