Where To Get & How To Use The BG3 Devilfoil Mask?

We’ll show you the locations of the 4 hidden Devil Masks in the Grymforge area of BG3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 offers countless secrets and items in its world. One powerful set of items hidden within the game are the Devilfoil Masks – rare masks that provide significant strength bonuses but come at a cost. If you want to power up your party and give them an edge in combat, tracking down these four masks is necessary. We’ll explain how to get and use the Devilfoil Mask in BG3.

How to Get the Devilfoil Mask in BG3

Devilfoil mask provide significant strength bonuses in BG3.

There are 4 Devilfoil Masks that can be found in the Grymforge location in BG3.

  1. Mask: In the Abandoned Refuge at coordinates X:-661 Y:443, convince the Deep Rothe to kill the dwarf masters blocking the passage. The mask is near the stairs inside.
  2.  Mask: Continue up the stairs and over the trapped bridge. Go down the iron ladder and use levers to move the platform. Break into the double doors and get the mask from enemies, including a Merregon Legionnaire.
  3.  Mask: In the same room, on a table in front of a large mirror.
  4.  Mask: The last one can be found on a table in the main hall.

How to Use the Devilfoil Mask

You have three options once you find all four masks;

Combat Buff

When equipped, the Devilfoil Mask provides a combat buff. If another creature is within 20 meters wearing the mask, the character gains +1 to their Strength attribute.

Party-Wide Buff

A whole party can benefit from the masks. If all party members equip a Devilfoil Mask, each character will gain +3 to Strength. This can boost melee damage.

Crafting the Orthon Explosive

Perhaps the most powerful use of the Devilfoil Masks is crafting the unique item Orthon Explosive. All four masks are required as ingredients and must be given to Dammon at the Last Light Inn in Shadow-cursed Lands during Act 2.

That’s it for how to find the Devilfoil Mask in BG3. To help you more with such choices and tips & tricks on this game do check our Baldur’s Gate 3 guides section.