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How To Find Datadiscs In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

From the many collectibles, here is how you can find the shiny Datadiscs for buying perks and other stuff at Zee’s shop in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

If you stumbled upon Zee’s shop yet in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, you will know that you are going to need to find Datadiscs to buy things there. As with being one of the multiple shops in the game, it takes its own currency of Datadiscs. This is similar to how you need Priorite Shards at Doma’s shop. While there aren’t too many Priorite Shards to collect, there are many Datadiscs scattered across the world. Let’s take a detailed look at how you can find them.

How To Get Datadiscs for Zee’s Shop in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

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Datadiscs in Star Wars Jedi Survivor can be found at numerous locations scattered across the world. Mostly these are found on Koboh but can be found in other areas. There are over 50 different locations to find Datadiscs and normally they are left out in the hands of the player to find while exploring. However, there is a way you can get the location of each Datadisc pointed on your map. This is done by acquiring the Treasure Map.

Here are the steps to get the Treasure Map in order to find all Datadisc locations in Star Wars Jedi Survivor:

  1. First, head over to planet Jedha.
  2. Next, Fast Travel to the Anchorite Base Meditation Point. Here you need to find the Wayfinder’s Tomb. This will be inside the Arid Flats area.
  3. Once you get to the Tomb, you will have three puzzles to solve. These three puzzles are as follows:
    Path of Persistence (Towards East of the Meditation Point)
    Path of Restoration (Towards West of the Meditation Point)
    Path of Conviction (Towards North of the Meditation Point)
  4. Once you complete the puzzles, simply return to the Tomb and you will be able to open it with the help of BD-1. You will now have the Treasure Map.

Once you have gotten the Treasure Map, all the Datadisc locations will now be marked on your map and you can go out and collect them fast and easily. You can then return to Zee’s shop to buy perks with Datadiscs.

That is how you can find all the Datadiscs in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. If you also want to buy things from Doma’s shop, here is how to get Priorite Shards in Jedi Survivor and how to get Commander Outfit in Jedi Survivor which requires Doma’s shop.