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Bronze Belt Buckle In Dredge: Where To Find (Location Guide)

Wondering how you can find the Bronze Belt Buckle in Dredge to help out the Grieving Father, then here's all about it.

In this fishing adventure players will come across tons of pursuits that they can complete & obtain rewards. One such is the Lost at Sea Pursuit in Dredge, where players have to find a Bronze Belt Buckle. The item is the last memento of a Grieving Father’s dead son. If you are already looking for the belonging but are unable to track it down, then we’ll help you out. So without any further ado let’s dive right into it.

How to Find Bronze Belt Buckle in Dredge (Lost at Sea Pursuit)

Where To Find Bronze Belt Buckle In Dredge (Location Guide)
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In Dredge to find the Bronze Belt Buckle for Lost at Sea pursuit you’ll have to go to a shipwreck near Little Marrow at L8. But before you head there ensure you have installed the Dredging Equipment on your boat that is required to scavenge the vast sea. The equipment can only be acquired by accepting the Collector’s offer. If you already have the required equipment, then scroll down for a quick Pursuit walk-through.

  • First, install the Dredging Equipment on your boat.
  • Next, start the Lost at Sea pursuit by interacting with the Grieving Father in Little Marrow.
  • After that, head to the Shipwreck near Little Marrow at L8 to find the Bronze Belt Buckle.
  • Once reached, start dredging near the Bubble area to retrieve the belongings.
  • Then, the players have to choose one of two options to complete the Pursuit.
    • Return to the Grieving Father and hand over the Bronze Belt Buckle to get a Research Part.
    • Go to the Trader in Little Marrow and sell the Bronze Belt Buckle to obtain $80.

The choice is yours, the pursuit will be completed no matter what option your choose. However, we recommend you return the belonging to the Grieving Father in order to take the Research Part. That’s because this item is far more useful than $80 and will help you upgrade your boat in the early stages of the game.

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That covers all about how you can find the Bronze Belt Buckle to complete Lost at Sea Pursuit in Dredge. If you are running low on in-game currency then check out how to make money & get rich quickly. Also, take a look at the steps to catch Crabs in the game.