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Gotham Knights: How To Find The Biodecryption Key

Here is where you can find the Biodecryption Key in Gotham Knights.

In Gotham Knights, you need to find the Biodecryption Key to complete chapter 1.2 and unlock co-op multiplayer. And even if multiplayer isn’t your thing, you still need it to progress the main story of the game. Luckily, finding it is not hard at all. So in this guide let us check where you can get the Biodecryption Key in Gotham Knights.


How to Find the Biodecryption Key in Gotham Knights

how to find the biodecryption key in gotham knights

You can find the Biodecryption Key by matching the Blood Glucometer with the Blood Vial of Langstrom. As mentioned previously, it is needed in order to complete Chapter 1.2 “The Langstrom Drive”. And to find it, you need to use one of the devices kept on the table, and one of the samples of Langstrom. Here is what you have to do:

  1. Once inside the morgue walk up to Langstrom.
  2. On the table, you will find various devices and samples like Oximeter, Glucometer, a blood sample, and more.
    1. For the device, select Blood Glucometer.
    2. For the sample, select Blood Vial.
  3. Match them and a cutscene will play.
  4. It will bring out the drive concealed in the Blood Glucometer and you will find the Biodecryption Key.

How to Get to the Morgue

Before you can find the Biodecryption Key you first need to complete Chapter 1.1 and start the second chapter. Here are all the steps for it:

  1. Exit Belfry and defeat Criminals to gather clues from them.
  2. After listening to Alfred’s message go to the GCPD rendezvous point.
  3. Enter the headquarters.
  4. Next, get past the security station and reach the bullpen.
  5. Find and use the Sergeant’s keycard to unlock the door to the Forensics Wing.
  6. From here you can find your way toward the morgue.

That covers this guide on how to get the Biodecryption key in Gotham Knights. Since you like playing this game I also suggest you check our other guides on which character is best for you, how to perfect attack, and invite friends to play co-op.