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Final Fantasy XVI Plot & Combat System Detailed

While it is still unclear when Final Fantasy XVI will be released, the latest edition of Famitsu reveals a few details about the combat system and the plot of the title.


In the latest edition of Famitsu, further details regarding the plot and combat system on the role-playing game of Final Fantasy XVI are printed. They apparently come from the responsible producer Naoki Yoshida and Director Takai Hiroshi, who also left very personal comments.

First of all, it is clear who is the main protagonist of the game. This is the character in the trailer who yells “Stop! He’s my younger brother.” He protects Joshua, a little boy who uses fire magic to treat wounds and is called Phoenix in the trailer. It is not unequivocally clear whether Joshua is actually the brother of the main protagonist.

It also states that the people in the game world must use crystals in order to survive. The primary conflict ultimately revolves around something called the mother crystal.

In terms of the combat system, Final Fantasy XVI is an action RPG that awaits you with many new things. You will be able to wield warp and incorporate incantations into your attacks. In addition to Phoenix and Ifrit, who form the game’s logo, Shiva and Titan are also involved.

Other well-known elements from the Final Fantasy series will also be included in the game. Some of them have already been featured in the reveal trailer, including Chocobo and Malboro.

Final Fantasy XVI was announced for the PlayStation 5 a few weeks ago. Recent entries on Square’s career pages suggest that the game’s basic development has been completed, so hopefully it won’t be too long before we see the result.


In the following tweet you can also read the comments from Yoshida and Hiroshi mentioned at the beginning: