Final Fantasy XI: Reboot Rumored To Launch On Mobile Platforms In 2020

Some screenshots have leaked

Final Fantasy XI is that never-ending game that will keep you glued to your seat for days, surviving on chips and soda, and your fingers yearning for a break. Released in 2002, this game still holds massive respect in the RPG community. With constant updates pooling in for months, it finally ended in March 2016.

And guess what, Final Fantasy XI: Reboot, the mobile derivative of FFXI which was supposed to release in 2016 has been under the radar for a 2020 release now. Thanks to the recent surfacing of numerous artworks and screenshots (on Reddit discovered by GamerEscape) it looks like the mobile version is coming soon.

The Leaks

Since the confirmation of Final Fantasy XI: Reboot in 2016, numerous screenshots of the game have surfaced on popular gaming websites and news portals. These latest images were leaked by a fansite FFXI Mobile ES, which gave us a glimpse of the game environments and the maps. Nexon has taken down these images as of now.

In the past, Reddit users have tracked down job postings in Nexon, to clarify whether the game was under development after it failed to release on the said date. Over the years, many sources have been confirming the news for the same, it seems like 2020 should be the grand finale for the release.

Images leaked by Nexon in their Investor Presentation Q2 2017

On further interrogation with Nexon, it was revealed that rather than building the Reboot on Playstation 2’s Final Fantasy XI, they are building it ground up specifically for mobile gaming partnering with Epic Games Unreal Engine.

With massive delays and the inclusion of popular gamer engines, Nexon is hinting us with the possibilities of a grand release. After all, Final Fantasy has been a console-exclusive title since its birth. Competing against the established MMORPGs like Dungeon Hunters and Lineage will be no easy task.

Let’s keep our hopes high and expect the mobile release pretty soon before the legacy of Final Fantasy starts to fade off with the inflow of New-Gen AAA games.