Final Fantasy VII Remake Free for PS Plus Subscribers in March 2021 – Rumor

At the moment rumors are making the rounds that Final Fantasy VII Remake will be offered as a free PS Plus title in March. After an insider spread this via the short message service Twitter, this thesis was approved by another industry expert and two moderators from ResetEra.

Every month, new free games are added to the PlayStation Plus subscription service. Now an interesting rumor has surfaced that promises to be a real blast for the coming month. Several industry insiders would like us to know that the highly regarded remake of Final Fantasy VII will be offered for free in March 2021.

It all started with Shpeshal Ed from Xbox Era, according to which those interested in Final Fantasy VII Remake should sign up for a membership with PS Plus. This claim was followed shortly after by the ResetEra user KatharsisT, who talked about the Silent Hill reboot for the PS5 last year. Two moderators from Resetera are also of the opinion that this is a correct statement.

So the chances are not bad that the first part of the remake will be available for free next month. After all, four people are convinced of this thesis. In any case, it won’t be long before we learn the truth. Because the official announcement regarding PS Plus was canceled yesterday, we may find out more at the State of Play edition tonight.

Otherwise, you can expect the Final Fantasy VII Remake to be confirmed for the PS5 and PC soon. We could also receive official information this evening. News about Final Fantasy XVI, the next title of the long-running series, is also not excluded.