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Final Fantasy 7 Remake XP Farming Guide – How To Level Up Fast

Less Grinding More EXP

Final Fantasy VII Remake is massive, as Cloud the protagonist you will begin from scratch by joining the Avalanche. A team of people in favor of saving the planet but not like Peta. Each character in FF7 Remake is bonded to the Level system. Leveling up unlocks new abilities, makes the character stronger to deal with Bosses. This makes XP farming a critical subject. In this FF7 Remake XP Farming guide, you can grab the best tips to level up fast. To understand how the leveling system works, what is the max level caps, and shortcuts to farm thousands of XP with minimum efforts.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake XP Farming Guide

The most common way to earn EXP or XP is by killing enemies. There are soldiers, animals, bosses, armed robots and machines. Destroying this will reward you with XP as you progress to the next chapter. Max character cap in FF7 Remake is 50. And here is not just about Leveling up Cloud. Barret, Aerith, and Tifa are also on the list. Your partner in crime, they will fight with you and leveling them is also part of the FF7 Remake Level mechanism.

Along with character level that makes your hero stronger, there is a Weapon Level system also. Upgrading your weapons, inducing new materia will unlock new levels giving you a stronger weapon that can deliver high damage. Leveling weapon mostly relies on Skill Points (SP) so that is not complicated but for Character Level, farming XP is a 24×7 job in FF7 Remake.

To check the current character Level in FF7 Remake go to the game menu and select Upgrades and Weapons. You will see the current level and the amount of EXP required to unlock the next level. You will also see the amount of HP, MP, and SP. So below is the list of best objectives to easily farm XP in FF7 Remake.

Unlock EXP Up Materia:

EXP Up Materia increases the amount of XP you earn in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Materia, when attached to a weapon, increases the EXP gain by 100%. It only comes a single star upgrade. EXP Up Materia is unlocked in Chapter 16 inside Shinra Combat Simulator. It is an unmissable part of the story. After talking to Domino you will get access to a 63rd Floor Recreation Facility. Inside the facility on the top floor of the main hall, there is a Collaboration standing outside Shinra Combat Simulator. Play Three-Person Team vs Team Ragbag Match at Level 4 difficulty and you will unlock the EXP Materia in FF7 Remake. Attached this to your weapon and get 100% more XP.

Corneo Colosseum:

FF7 Remake XP Farming Guide

You will unlock this Chapter 14, a place where you can play Battle Challenges. It is also an important place to complete Corneo’s Stash Side Quest that consists of three important gems. Battle Challenges can be played on Classic, Easy and Normal. Completing these challenges unlock Materia, as well you get some Gil and it is one of the fastest ways to farm XP. The thing is that you can play the challenges on three difficulties and with the right load-out it is easy to complete. The best thing about Battle Challenges is no matter what difficulty you play, the amount of EXP reward is the same.

Switch to Easy Difficulty:

Easy difficulty in various missions, side quest, battle challenges, etc will help you to farm XP fast in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. By switching to Easy difficulty you can defeat enemies faster in the game and complete the level faster. So if you focus on leveling up fast switch to easy difficulty and then you can reply on tougher mode later on.

Complete Side-Quests:

Along with the main chapters, there are side quests in the game. There are many actually, and you can unlock this by talking to NPCs in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Complete the Side-Quest first before moving towards the main objective, and you will get some easy XP’s to level up.

Replay Chapters:

This is a long process, after completing the game you can play Final Fantasy 7 Remake once again in New Game Plus scenario. You will have all your equipment’s and weapons unlocked. So this time it will be a lot easier to take down enemies. Do not miss the side quest and double your XP.

Using the above tips you can level up fast in Final Fantasy VII Remake. There is more work to do because all four characters have separate levels, weapons level upgrades, etc. You can start with Cloud, focusing on him first to reach enough level and then switching to another character to increase their level.