All Weapon Unlock Locations in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Gotta get 'em all

In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, using the right weapons can change your entire gaming experience. Depending on which weapon you use, you get new powers, abilities and weaknesses. Every party member has their own type of weapons – some are better in close range (like Cloud’s swords) while some are great for long range damages (like Barrett’s guns).

Although there isn’t a ‘best’ weapon in FF7R, you still do have quite a few options to best suit your play style. Where to find these weapons? You can come across some automatically as you move ahead in the story. You can also get weapons from vendors in shops, purple chests, as drops from bosses or they can even be hidden.

Weapons in Final Fantasy 7 Remake – Locations Guide

In this guide, you will know all FF7 Remake weapon unlock locations for every character – Cloud, Barret, Tifa and Aerith. There are six weapons per character and if you manage to find all 24 weapons and unlock their abilities, you will unlock the ‘Weapons Expert’ trophy and gain our immense respect. If you get them all to 100%, you can use their abilities without equipping them.

Cloud’s Weapon List (Swords)

  • Buster Sword: Cloud is automatically equipped with this sword when the game begins.
  • Iron Blade: You can acquire this sword automatically in Chapter 3 after you visit the Scrap Boulevard.
  • Nail Bat: Unlock this sword after completing the Kids on Patrol side quest during Chapter 8.
  • Hardedge: You can buy this weapon at the Wall Market weapons store in Chapter 9. It will cost you 2000 Gil.
  • Mythril Saber: This weapon can be bought at the Wall Market weapons store in Chapter 14.
  • Twin Stinger: You can acquire this weapon after reuniting with Barret in the Shinra Tower (Chapter 17). It will be in a rare chest at the Drum Level 3.

Barret’s Weapon List (Mostly Guns)

  • Gatling Gun: This is a starting weapon for Barret so he is automatically equipped with it.
  • Light Machine Gun: You will get this gun automatically as a reward from Biggs for completing the mission in Chapter 6.
  • Big Bertha: You can purchase it from the weapon store in Evergreen park in Chapter 13. It will cost you 2500 Gil.
  • Steel Pincers: This melee weapon can be bought from Moogle Emporium in Sector 5 Slums (Chapter 14).
  • Wrecking Ball: This is yet another melee weapon for Barret and you can obtain it as a reward for completing the Subterranean Menace side quest in Chapter 14.
  • EKC Cannon: To get this weapon, you need to talk to Hart (Mayor Domino’s butler) in Shinra Tower. You have to pay him 10,000 Gil to get this gun as a reward.

Tifa’s Weapon List (Gloves and Knuckles)

  • Leather Gloves: Tifa starts off with this weapon automatically equipped.
  • Metal Knuckles: You will be rewarded with this weapon for defeating the Crab Warden in Chapter 5.
  • Sonic Strikers: In Chapter 7, you can find in a purple chest in Mako Reactor 5 (Level B5).
  • Feathered Gloves: You can get this weapon in Chapter 10. Look for a purple chest in the sewer system after beating Aps. You must lower the water and crawl under the gate to find the chest.
  • Mythril Claws: This weapon is a reward for defeating the Appendage boss in Chapter 13.
  • Purple Pain: In Chapter 16, you can search for these gloves in Shinra Tower’s lobby. As Tifa, instead of climbing the first ladder, get on the monkey bars and search for the chest.

Aerith’s Weapon List (Staves)

  • Guard Stick: This is Aerith’s starter weapon.
  • Silver Staff: You can purchase this weapon at the Moogle Emporium which will cost you 2 Moogle Medals (Chapter 8).
  • Arcane Scepter: Get this weapon as a reward for completing side quest ‘A Dynamite Body’ or ‘Shears’ Counterattack’ in Chapter 9.
  • Mythril Rod: In Chapter 11, you will find this weapon in the Train Graveyard. Explore the area well to find a cargo container, behind which you will see a chest containing the Mythril Rod.
  • Bladed Staff: To get this weapon, you need to use the Steal Materia on Eligor (the boss) at the end of Chapter 11.
  • Reinforced Staff: This unmissable weapon can be found at the beginning of Chapter 17 in Aerith’s room in the Shinra Towers.

So these are all the locations of weapons in Final Fantasy 7 (VII) Remake. Be sure to check out our FF7R beginner’s guide, combat tips, ways to upgrade weapons and more Final Fantasy 7 remake guides.