Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How To Get Bladed Staff (Hidden Weapon)

By Raaj
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Weapon guide on how to unlock Bladed Staff in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The weapon belongs to Aerith and is very easy to miss. So in case you want to unlock this weapon our guide will help you. This page gives detailed information on how to get Bladed Staff and where exactly you can miss this weapon.

Bladed Staff:

Bladed Staff is a long spear with sharp blades on its end. Used by Aerith this weapon focuses a lot on Crit and Luck. If you want max from this weapon then you will need to fill up the Luck Meter. The best part of Bladed Staff in FF7 Remake is it can conjure a magical shield. This will block enemies’ attack, this ability is called as Lustrous Shield.

How to unlock Bladed Staff in FF7 Remake?

FF7 Remake Steal Materia

Bladed Staff is unlocked in Chapter 11 Haunted after defeating the final boss, Eligor. You will need to Steal Materia, anyone in your party can equip this. Steal Materia can be unlocked in Chapter 9 after completing Chadley’s Battle Report 07. Or you can buy it from him. Steal Materia consume ATB, and character with high Luck and Speed are the best one to use it. Here you can try inducing this with Tifa’s Weapon.

FF7 Remake Bladed Staff

The next objective is to fight Eligor, refill your ATB Gauge, and then use Steal to get Bladed Staff from the boss. Eligor haunts the train graveyard and not an easy boss to defeat. His weakness is Ice and Eligor is immune to Silence, Sleep, Slow and Proportional Damage. You will be facing Eligor two times in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Bladed Staff will be dropped the second time.

So this is how you can get Bladed Staff in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Check our FF7 Remake Wiki guide for more tips and tricks on the game.