Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Heads or Tails?

By Nikita
4 Min Read

There are many situations where players have to make important choices in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. In one such situation, you will have to make a choice between Heads, Tails or No Deal. During Chapter 9 of the game, Chocobo Sam will ask you this question in Sector 6 with a coin toss. Don’t know which one to pick? Should you choose Heads or Tails? In this FF7 Remake Heads or Tails guide, you will know exactly which one to choose!

FF7 Remake Heads or Tails

Here’s the thing – no matter which option you choose from Heads, Tails or No Deal, there is no significant change that will occur in the game. What will be affected is the dialogue in the cutscene after every choice and the side quests that come as a result of it. Even in those side quests, the outcome is purely cosmetic and nothing game changing. Here’s some more information regarding every choice you can make:

  • If you pick Heads, Sam will call it as tails and he will win. He will inform you that Aerith is not really Don Corneo’s type and prefers Tifa instead. It is then revealed that the coin was double-sided! It is rigged. Sam gives the coin to Cloud.
  • If you pick Tails, Sam will call heads and you will lose. He will let you know that Aerith isn’t Don’s type and soon you will realize that the coin was double-sided.
  • If you pick No Deal, too bad, because Aerith will call heads and Sam will win.

So, even though this might seem like a big decision at first, there is nothing much you can do to change the outcome in this case. Want to know how it really impacts the game? Read on to get some information about it but here’s a disclaimer – there are spoilers ahead! If you don’t want the story spoiled for you, you can look away now. Still reading? Okay!

The impact of your choice lies in the side quest you get from Chocobo Sam to get Cloud a blue and black dress to wear. Yes, the notorious cross-dressing quest is there in Final Fantasy 7 Remake! Selecting No Deal will lead you to side quests for Madam M instead of Chocobo Sam. In this case, Cloud will earn a lavender dress featuring a white trim.

For those who want to achieve the Dressed to the Nines trophy, this information is vital. Players will have to acquire nine bridal candidate outfits, finish the game at least once and complete some more things to get this trophy. There are three outfits for Aerith, Tifa and Cloud each so you will have to do multiple replays of some parts of the game.

This is everything you need to know about FF7 Remake Heads or Tails coin toss. For more tips and tricks, check out our Final Fantasy 7 Remake Guides.