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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Character Stats Explained

This guide will show you all the different character stats in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Character stats define the make of your character, this shows where you have invested points to shape your character according to your needs. This includes your party screen which will give you an overview as to what you and your team are currently packing. This guide will show you all the different character stats in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

What Are The Different Character Stats In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Before you jump into individual character stats, it is vital to know that you understand the party screen. Being able to read and understand that screen will tell you what weapons and attacks your party has that you can use in the battle.

It also gives you an overview of all the different stats that each character possesses in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Let’s now take a look at individual stats in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

These stats define your character, each attribute shows how and where you have invested points and how they will affect your gameplay.

  • Attack – Attack tells you how efficient and powerful your strikes will be, this takes into consideration your melee attacks and depends on your character’s strength and weapon that they are using.
  • Magic Attack – You can use magic in Final Fantasy 7 Remake as a weapon and deal damage to your opponents, this also shows how powerful your magical attacks will be. The magic attack also correlates with how much HP will be restored when using Cure buff for team members. Magic stat alters with each equipment and magic stats.
  • Defense – This simply shows how tough your character is to take down and how much damage your character can bear before falling to the ground. Your defense stats are made up by your vitality stats and gear that you are wearing.
  • Magic Defense – Like you, your opponents can also cast magic attacks and these will affect your character in the game. Your magic defense is summed up by your character’s spirit stats and equipment.
  • Strength – This stat shows how powerful your character is in the game and how much damage they can cause with melee attacks.
  • Magic – Investing here will increase your magic attacks making them even more potent than before.
  • Vitality – This will increase your overall health and increase HP making your defense even better.
  • Spirit – Investing in spirit will increase your magical defense, giving you a better chance to stay in the fight and not succumb to magical attacks.
  • Speed – This directly shows the rate at which the ATB gauge fills over time.
  • Luck – Luck is important to deal critical hits; these hits will be slightly more powerful than normal ones and will increase your chances in the battle and make your steal ability better.

What Are Character Levels In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The levels show at what level your character is currently at, progressing in the game with upgrades and, you can find the character stats left side which shows your HP, MP, and EXP required to level up further.

What Are Abilities In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

When you are in the party scree, press Triangle and you will get to see your characters unique abilities that you can use in battles to your advantage. Each ability will offer you a different advantage and learning when to use them will make you better at Final Fantasy 7 Remake. To access the party menu, you can simply press Options on your controller which will open up the main menu and scroll down to the Party option.