Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 6 Light The Way Walkthrough

Sector G and H Puzzle Solution

In Chapter 6 Light The Way of Final Fantasy 7 Remake you will have to unlock Section G and Section H doors. This requires turning the Sun Lamp and it is a kind of puzzle. Ample of time you will find yourself looking for the path to reach the Sun Lamp console. This chapter starts after dealing with Crab Warden Boss. To save your time here is an FF7 Remake Chapter 6 Walkthrough. In this guide, you can find a solution on how to reach Sector G and Sector H Sun Lamp. You will be proceeding to Chapter 7 A Trap is Sprung where you will face a boss.

How to Cross Sector G and Sector H Guide

To complete FF7 Remake Chapter 6 you will need to cross Sector G and Sector H. The doors are locked and requires power for which you will have to turn off the Sun Lamp.

FF7 Remake Way to Reactor 5 Guide

On Sector 4 Plate follow Barret. He will take you to the locked door of Section G, which requires power. Follow Barret to the Control Room. The massive screen shows the Supply Circuit map and due to in-sufficient power, nothing will work. To unlock Section G gate you will have to cut off power of Sun Lamps.

Unlock Sector G Door:

FF7 Remake Sun Lamp Puzzle

Return to the last position and Barret will point to the console on the left. Use the stairs, go on level one and interact with the console as shown in the image above to turn on the first Sun Lamp. Enter Sector G – Middle Level, your next job is to head to Sector H.

Head to Section H:

Section G – Middle Level is confusing, you can see boards like H-02, H-01, etc. If you are unable to find the right track you will keep on wandering around.

FF7 Remake Sun Lamp Puzzle

  • Walk towards G-03 and follow the G-04 sign. On G-04 take the stairs down to Section G-Lower Level.
  • Avoid H-07, the logs will break, on G-05 which is the Lower Level, the stairs to Section G-Upper Level. Avoid G-08.

Path towards the Fan in the Wall

In a cut-scene, Tifa insists Cloud head to the fan. Continue walking towards G-06, the path will take you to G-07. Take the stairs on the right, go down and follow Barret. You will have to climb up on a huge pipe, follow Barret’s instruction to cross the fan. The wind can throw you away so go slow and crouch when required. Back on the platform continue to H-01. You are now in Section H.

Section H – Sun Lamp 1

FF7 Remake Sun Lamp Puzzle

Section H is a cargo platform, in a cutscene, you will see the closes target. Cross the H-01 bridge and turn left. Take the first stairs on the left and go up. Console to turn off first left is on the left side. This will activate a console, return to the last location and destroy a few Sentry Ray. The console will move a bridge, align it properly to unlock way further.

Section H – Sun Lamp 2

FF7 Remake Sun Lamp Puzzle

Cross the newly unlocked catwalk, and turn left. Take another left that will lead you to Sun Lamp 2. Take the path on the right of H-04. Check the image above for the exact location of Sun Lamp. The console is on the right side, interact with this and then we will head to the last and final Sun Lamp.

Section H – Sun Lamp 3

From the console of Sun Lamp 2, turn around look on the right corner. Take the stairs down, use the lift. Exit the lift and turn left, take another left for one more lift. Using this second lift towards Sun Lamp 3. Walk towards H-05, and turn left. There will be a console right in front of you, use that to move the catwalk. Adjust it position and you will be able to access the third and final Sun Lamp of Section H.

To get back to H-01 return to the second lift you used recently. Next to interact with the big console near the Cargo Platform. Once it stops go right and climb up using iron stairs. Crouch through the vent, and you will be Inter-plate Utility Access. Turn left towards the door, and climb using the second stair on the right. The path is straight now, continue walking left, behind the white door you will find Biggs.

This is where FF7 Remake Chapter 6 Light The Way completes.