Final Fantasy 7 Remake Music Disc Locations : Where to Find Music Discs

Here's where to find all music discs in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, music discs are collectible soundtracks which will give you the Disc Jockey trophy if you collect them all. You can play these music discs on jukeboxes in the game, so if you are looking forward to getting all the music, this guide is for you. There are 31 music disc locations in FF7 Remake and this Music Disc Location guide will show you where you can pick them all.

You will see a music disc icon wherever they are present. If you collect 3 music discs, you can get the Music Collector trophy as well.

All Music Disc Locations in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Here is the list of all music unlocks and their locations in the game. You can get these music discs by interacting with NPCs, buying them and more.

Chapter 3

  • Tifa’s Theme: You will find this in the jukebox in the Seventh Heaven Bar.
  • Hip Hop de Chocobo: When you talk to the guy standing next to a radio which is playing some music, he will give you this music disc.
  • The Prelude: You can buy this from the item shop in Sector 7.
  • Barret’s Theme: Purchase this from the shops near the train station in Sector 7. It will cost you 50 Gil.

Chapter 5:

  • Stamp: This music disc is located in a vending machine. To get this, you have to first defeat Section E enemies, then walk into the corridor which will bring you to a small room.

Chapter 6:

  • Electric de Chocobo: This one needs you to take a slight change in route. When you turn off 3 Sun lamps in this chapter, instead of going to the elevator that you just turned on, go to your right. There will be another elevator. Take that one and go to the area where you will see a vending machine. Get the music disc from there.

Chapter 7:

  • Bombing Mission: This is located in a vending machine which you will see when you unlock a door after Cloud, Tifa and Barret push three levers at the same time.

Chapter 8:

  • Costa del Sol: Buy this in the Materia shop located in the Sector 5 Slums.
  • Caith Sith’s Theme: To get this music disc, interact with the vending machine located at the train station in Sector 5.
  • Tango of Tears: You will find this in the jukebox in Sector 5 slums area. Make sure to check the building next to the Leaf house.
  • Gold Saucer: You can buy this from the Moogle Emporium shop in Sector 5. It will cost you 1 Moogle Medal.

Chapter 9:

  • Cosmo Canyon: When you complete the minigame (the one involving Aerith and a mechanical arm), walk the path that goes up and find a vending machine where you can get this music disc.
  • Honeybee Inn: Buy this from the item shop in the Wall Market.
  • Farm Boy: Find a woman wearing a cowboy hat. She will give you this music disc.
  • Under the Rotting Pizza: Upon entering Wall Market, look to the left for a path. Continue on that path and spot a jukebox where you will get this music disc.
  • Don of the Slums: When Cloud, Aerith and Tifa meet again in Don Corneo’s mansion, there will be a room with a vending machine which looks like Don Corneo. This music disc can be found there.
  • Midgar Blues: During a side-quest that requires you to go to a gym, check out the restaurant near it. You will find a singer singing this song. Get it from him.
  • Let the Battles Begin Remake: The way to get this music disc isn’t straightforward. You have to complete a dancing minigame by earning 10 “Greats”. But if you don’t manage this on your first try, you can redo it until you get it right.

Chapter 10

  • The Oppressed: When you drain the aqueduct, go to a small room through a door you see nearby. You can buy this music disc from the vending machine there.

Chapter 11

  • Let the Battles Begin: Right before you enter the control room, check out the vending machine to get this.

Chapter 13

  • Main Theme of FFVII: This vending machine is very easy to find. You will encounter it after you fight bugs in this chapter.
  • On Our Way: Buy this from the item shop in the Evergreen Park for 50 Gil.

Chapter 14:

  • Descendant of Shinobi: Look for Johnny near the station in Sector 5 Undercity station. Interact with the vendor of the item shop next to him for this disc.
  • Wutai: Find an alleyway to the left of the Colosseum Hall and walk into it where you will see a man who will give you this disc.
  • Turk’s Theme: On the Sector 6 to 5 road, search for a water body. There will be a woman standing in front who will give you this disc.
  • Good Night, Until Tomorrow: Take a left from the Wall Market entrance and go inside a hotel. Talk to the old man in the hotel and get the disc.
  • Fight On: You can purchase this from the souvenir shop in the Colosseum entrance hall.
  • Stand Up: Take a left from the entrance of honeybee Inn where you can find a girl in an alley. Get this music disc from her.
  • The Chase: While you are in the sewers, you will end up in a room with a vending machine with this disc.

Chapter 15

  • Lurking in the Darkness: In the Central tower 1F area, there will be a vending machine that you can purchase this from.

Chapter 16

  • Scarlet’s Theme: This is yet another disc which you can find on your main quest. It is located in the Combat Simulator area in Shinra Tower.

You can select ‘Music Collection’ in the Inventory to take a look at all the songs you have gotten your hands on until now. If you miss any of them in the story, you can always go to Chapter Select and get them. So go ahead and get that Disc Jockey trophy in Final Fantasy 7 Remake! Also, don’t forget to check out our other useful FF7 Remake guides.