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Figure Fantasy Tier List & Reroll Guide

Find all of the best launch characters in this Figure Fantasy tier list.

If you are looking for a tier list that features all of the best launch characters in Figure Fantasy, you need not look any further. In this list, we will show you all of the game’s top characters you should use. To make things easier for you, we will place the characters between tiers S and C. Characters in tier S are the best in the game, while those in tier C are the least recommended. With the help of our list, you will be able to make the right decision when it comes to picking characters for the game.

Figure Fantasy Tier List & Reroll Guide – Best Launch Characters



S Tier Launch Characters in Figure Fantasy

The S tier in this Figure Fantasy tier list contains the best and most exciting launch characters in the game. With these characters, you will experience great performance when you are in battle. Because of their abilities and stats, these are characters that we highly recommend in the game.


S Zephyr
S Vazorwyn
S Eikzia
S Yoko Kasumi
S Yamazaki
S Astaroth
S Zarola
S Yuina Mizuki

A Tier

The characters in the A tier are quite great too. They offer decent performance during combat, and are of great assistance to you. However, they only miss out on the S tier by a small bit because of a few drawbacks. Despite this, they are not to be underestimated, and they make for great choices.


A Harriet
A Kamille
A Alfred
A Flower
A Lu Bu
A Akechi Mitsuhide
A Rie
A Zhou Yu
A Ume Mizuno
A Sani

B Tier

The B tier in this list features characters that are average at best. They are neither very bad, nor are they too good. These are characters you should use if you are planning to upgrade very soon. The skills of these characters have nothing to write home about.


B Chris
B Ophelia
B Ryoma Kurata
B Osuke Okada
B Irina
B Ihrendts Ember
B Zhao Yun
B Source
B Midori
B Yuna

C Tier

C-tier characters are the least recommended in Figure Fantasy. These characters have nothing special about them, and they are of little assistance during combat. Only use them if you have absolutely no other option.

C Kazue Iwata
C Kotaro
C Delores
C Suzumi
C Evita
C Mizusaki

Figure Fantasy Reroll Guide

As far as rerolling in Figure Fantasy is concerned, we do not really recommend it. This is because rerolling is quite a long process in the game. To get to just the beginner gacha summon banner, you will need to play for quite some time. This makes it quite close to impossible to reroll in the game.

So there you have it. This was our tier list of the best launch characters in Figure Fantasy. As you can see, this list will make picking characters quite easy the next time you play the game. If you liked this compilation, check out our Tier Lists for your favorite games.