How to Fight Bonyu in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Prasad More
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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot brings some of the best antagonists from the series to the game, as you fight against each and every opponent you grow stronger and that leads you to the biggest fight against Majin Buu. But along with them, there are tons of secret bosses for you to discover in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot and if you haven’t found them yet, this guide will show you how to fight Bonyu and defeat him with best tricks.

How to Fight Bonyu in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

If you had pre-purchased Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, you will find that while in the Android Saga a new gameplay feature will unlock. Do not worry if you haven’t pre-purchased Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, you will still get this new gameplay feature just a little later when you are in the Buu Saga.

To get into this new gameplay feature you will have to talk to the researcher at Capsule Corp who can be found in the same room as Bulma. This should make finding the researcher a lot easier.

She looks a lot like Android 21, so keep an eye out for her. Once you talk to her you will have the option of fighting Bonyu. Dragon Ball Z Kakarot helps you select which version of Bonyu you wish to fight, i.e. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

 defeat bonyu in dragon ball z kakarot

Bonyu at each level has a different level and these are 40,70 and 100 respectively. You can select which one you would like to go up against and challenge Bonyu.

This is all there is to know about how to fight Bonyu in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is developed by Bandai Namco and is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Do check our other Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Guides for more tips, tricks and cheats.