How To Fix FIFA 22 Pro Clubs Not Working?

Frustrated with FIFA 22 Pro Clubs not working? Read this guide to learn the possible solutions.

The latest iteration of the popular FIFA franchise has hit the stands, with Pro Clubs being one of the most awaited gameplay modes, however, a lot of players have noticed that the mode has not been working recently. Because of this frustrating issue, players have noticed that their levels have been reduced by the game automatically. In this guide, we will show you the fix to this annoying problem.

FIFA 22 Pro Clubs Not Working Fix

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Players Losing Game Levels

To fix this issue that is causing players to lose on their levels in Pro Clubs, you first need to understand why it is happening in the first place.

As of now, this seems to be a deliberate step taken by EA Sports to curb an earlier XP bug. This bug had resulted in players being granted high XP really fast. Because of this, players were able to quickly achieve levels higher than level 10 without having to grind a lot.

To combat this error, EA released a message where they announced that they would roll back all of the excess XP. This has resulted in players losing their progress and finding that their levels have been lowered. According to the message, only players with a level higher than 10 would face the rollback. This means that players above level 10 will lose their perks and skill points. They will, however, have the opportunity to salvage any item they store in slots. Because of this, many players have been given negative skill points and locked perks.

Despite the message that EA Sports sent out to players, many are annoyed at the fact that the game has wiped out so much of progress. The prospect of having to grind all over again to get back to the same level is quite frustrating to deal with.

Buggy Stadium Graphics

Another issue that has made its way into this guide is the presence of washed-out graphics in stadiums. Quite a lot of players on Reddit have expressed their surprise at this problem when taking part in Pro Clubs matches. Based on several different experiences, the culprit here seems to be the Brentford Community Stadium. Players who have chosen this stadium have come across the erroneous graphics. You can try to switch stadiums and check if the bug persists.

If the bug persists despite switching stadiums, another possible solution is turning off the Gamma-ray burst setting. Depending on the platform you use to play FIFA 22, you will need to switch this setting off. Doing so is most likely going to rectify the bug for you.

So there you have it. Quite ironically, there seems to be no fix to the issue of the level, and that is because this error seems to be a deliberate step taken by EA to rectify a previous bug. As for the stadium graphics, switching the stadium will most likely do the trick.

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