FIFA 22 Best Kits: What Are The Best Away, Home & Third Kits?

Read this guide to learn all about the best kits in FIFA 22.

With every new season of FIFA, players wait with bated breaths to see some of the best kits in world football come to life on their screens, and in the 22 edition of the popular franchise, things are not any different. With a new season of football kicking off, clubs have shown off some absolutely breathtaking jersey collections, mesmerizing fans and footballers alike. You might be wondering what the best kits are in the latest iteration of FIFA, and in this guide, we’ve compiled the best of the best in a list, just for you!

Best Kits In FIFA 22

Borussia Dortmund (Away)

borussia dortmund away 22

Borussia Dortmund always comes up with some striking kits, and this year is no different. The Bundesliga giants have released an absolute stunner of an away kit. This shirt features an attractive grey and black geometric stripe pattern throughout the shirt. The yellow accents help bring out some highlights in what is otherwise a stealthy-looking kit. This one is perfect for overpowered squads that want to intimidate opponents.

PSG (Away)

psg fifa 22

French champions Paris Saint-Germain have been known for coming up with trendsetting kits, and this year is no different. The Paris-based outfit’s away kit is simple, yet very attractive to look at. The light pink color enhances the understated, clean look of the shirt.

Inter Milan (Home)

inter milan home fifa 22

Italian Serie A champions Inter Milan popped plenty of eyeballs when they released their home kit for the 2021/22 season. Featuring a pixelated snakeskin theme pattern finished in the club’s iconic blue and black that runs through the entirety of the shirt, we believe this kit is just the perfect aesthetic touch to your overpowered FUT squad!

Club America (Home)

club america fifa 22 home kit

Mexican outfit Club America has always had a reputation for coming up with some absolutely gorgeous kits over the last few years, and this season is no different. The home kit is a colorful treat to the eyes, primarily finished in a light shade of yellow, and accents that feature different shades of red, orange and light ochre.

Venezia FC (Home)

venezia fifa

Italian club Venezia made headlines and sent ripples in the fashion world when they launched their home kit. Designed by Kappa, this kit looks like it was inspired by fashion icons like Gucci. Featuring gold, green, and orange accents on a faded black shirt, this jersey is absolute eye-candy. We cannot imagine players not loving this wonderfully designed kit.

Arsenal FC (Third)

arsenal fifa 22 away

North Londoners Arsenal FC’s third kit is an absolute beauty. Featuring an electrifying bolt pattern with a red outline throughout the shirt, this beautiful piece of art also has a grainy gradient of blue and red forming the base of the kit. If you are looking for a touch of aesthetic beauty for your FUT squad’s kits, you probably do not have to look any further.

Manchester United (Away)

manchester united

If there was one word to define the Manchester United away kit, it would be gorgeous. As if having Ronaldo return was not cool enough, the Red Devils have blown away fans with its beautiful jersey. With a base color of white, the shirt features a unique blue-colored brush design that is spread across the whole shirt. To top things off nicely, the shirt is finished in red-colored accents. You cannot really imagine Cristiano Ronaldo and co in a better piece of kit, can you?

FC Barcelona (Away)

fc barcelona away kit fifa

While FC Barcelona’s home kit left a lot to be desired, the Catalan outfit did manage to win over quite a few hearts with its simple, yet aesthetically pleasing away kit. Finished in a calming pastel shade of purple that has been created with a combination of the iconic red and blue of Barca, this shirt also aims to spread the message of women empowerment. This kit definitely does well to hide the eyesore that is the Barca home kit.

Philadelphia Union (Away)

philadelphia union

The Philadelphia Union away kit is an absolute treat to the eyes and with good reason. This jersey features a calming blue colorway, along with a striking light blue lightning pattern that adorns the entire shirt. To add to the pleasing aesthetic, the shirt is finished in light yellow accents. This is a really pretty shirt to look at. It is an aesthetic win for us for sure.

Seattle Sounders (Away)

seattle sounders away mls

An aesthetically jaw-breaking tribute to the legendary Jimi Hendrix, calling the Seattle Sounders away kit gorgeous is a gross understatement. The shirt is colored in a beautiful shade of purple with a wavy pattern that runs right around the shirt. It also has orange stripes and yellow logos that complement each other to produce a really striking work of art. Clothing your FUT squad with this beautiful kit is practically a win in itself!

With this, we come to the end of the compilation of all of the best kits in FIFA 22. With these kits, you can equip your squad to look the part as they ruthlessly tear past opponents in FUT. Alternatively, you can also choose to play with the kits of your favorite clubs, so the choice is totally yours!

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