Microtransaction Currency Spotted In FIFA 20 Called GC

Does GC stands for Grinding Currency?

During EA Play we saw the new face of FIFA 20, this time breaking the boundaries of staying inside the stadium the game features street culture. The New Volta Mode in FIFA 20 has four different modes allowing players to play on streets or participate in a tournament. FIFA 20 Volta has also featured detailed character customization, gears, choosing the team, and other different modes.

What matters now is to find out whether FIFA 20 will have a Micro-transaction that will add the pay-to-win model for those who can spend some cash to be on the top. First spotted by Eurogamer during the game demo, FIFA 20 Volta has an in-game currency called as GC. On asking Creative Director Matt Prior on the in-game currency he answered that it is a working title and there won’t be anything during the launch.

Prior says – Nope, we won’t have microtransactions for launch. I mean we’ll see how things happen in moving forward, but no microtransactions for launch.” Asked if microtransactions could be added later, Prior explains, “We never rule anything out. Because we continuously evolve so never say never, but no nothing for launch.

The statement on Micro-transaction is clear enough that during the launch EA might be testing how players will respond to any internal existing model of earning the GC and later adding up certain loot boxes or add-on in exchange of real-world money. These are mostly speculation based on the prior launches by EA, Micro-transactions have turned to be a solid model for a game developer to increase their revenue, but only if it is evenly balanced and allow all players to have a fair chance of reaching the top of leaderboards.

Source: Pushsquare / Eurogamer