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Forza Horizon 5 Kudos Guide: How To Get & Give Kudos

Here's all you need to know about how to get and give/send more Kudos to players in Forza Horizon 5 & help the community in a positive way.

While checking out the various features and options available, you must have come across Kudos in Forza Horizon 5. What are Kudos and how to get more of them? Plus, can you send Kudos to other players? Here’s everything you need to know.

How to Get Kudos in Forza Horizon 5?

What are Kudos in FH5? Kudos are basically “appreciation points” for being nice and helpful in the Forza community. So, if you dropped a gift to somebody or if you helped someone with a barn find, you can earn Kudos.

These are the ways to get more Kudos in FH5:

  • Gifting good cars to others.
  • Helping other players with Barn Finds.
  • Making special tunes that will help players.
  • Creating custom car designs that people will like.
  • Making a Blueprint that a user enjoyed.
  • Getting likes from the photos you’ve taken and uploaded.
  • Helping players via Forza Link.

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So, if you like something that a player made or did in Forza Horizon 5, you can give them Kudos. As it is dependent on players’ liking and not something fully specific, there’s no confirmation that you will get Kudos every time. But, in general, this is what will help you earn them.

You can give Kudos for the aforementioned reasons or you can simply send it to someone if they helped you in a race. Through Kudos, you can unlock flairs that will be shown on your label, and other players will be able to know that you are a positive and helpful part of the community.

Where to See your Kudos?

how to get give kudos in forza horizon 5

  • Pause the game.
  • Head to My Horizon tab.
  • The option to see your Kudos will be right under the Gift Drop option.

How to Send/Give Kudos in FH5?

Just send a like to a player whose work you liked and they will receive Kudos. When someone thanks you for gifting them a car, you can get Kudos as well. There’s an achievement called “Good Carma” that you can unlock in Forza Horizon 5 if you give another player some Kudos to show your appreciation to them.

That’s all you need to know about FH5 Kudos and how to give and get them in this game. On Gamer Tweak, we’ve got lots of Forza Horizon 5 guides related to the best cars, how to complete challenges and more. Keep reading to get more info!