FFXIV Mentor Requirements 2022 | How To Become A Battle & Trade Mentor

Fulfill these FFXIV Mentor requirements list to become a mentor for other players easily.

If you are an advanced player of Final Fantasy XIV and want to help out new players, this guide will give you all the FFXIV Mentor Requirements. Doing this is beneficial to you as well because you can obtain some sweet rewards. Apart from getting a crown near your name which indicates that you are a certified Mentor, you and your mentee also get special bonuses. Plus, Mentors as well as Novices can use the Novice Network chat system. But first, you need to prove yourself and you can do it by completing the tasks in this list.

FFXIV Mentor Requirements List 2022

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In FFXIV, there are Trade mentors and Battle mentors. Disciple of War or Magic players can switch their online status to PvE Mentor or PvP Mentor. On the other hand, those who become a mentor as a Disciple of the Land or Hand can change it to Trade Mentor. So, let’s look at all the requirements for each Mentor type in Final Fantasy XIV.

How to Become a Battle Mentor (PvP & PvE)

Earn these achievements to achieve the status of a Mentor.

  • Complete 1,000 dungeons, raids, or trials
  • Receive 1,500 player commendations
  • Complete any level 80 tank role quest
  • Finish any level 80 healer role quest
  • Complete any level 80 melee DPS or ranged DPS role quest

How to become a Trade Mentor

  • Gather or catch 300 collectibles
  • Craft 100 collectables
  • Get to level 80 in any Disciple of the Hand
  • Get to level 80 in any Disciple of the Land

With all these achievements completed as prerequisites, you will be ready to help out new adventurers setting out on their journey. Assist them to create a new group of soon-to-be veterans. You are supposed to give them tips to improve their gameplay, explain good player etiquette and solve their doubts via the chat.

How to Register as a Mentor?

After you have completed all the necessary requirements, you have to register as a Mentor. Talk to Smith NPC in any of these locations to make it happen.

  • New Grindania (X: 11, Y: 13)
  • Western Thanalan (X: 27, Y: 16)
  • Central Shroud (X: 10, Y: 22)
  • Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (X: 11.8, Y: 9)
  • Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X: 11, Y: 11)
  • South Shroud (X: 19, Y: 19)
  • Central Shroud Alternative (X: 19, Y: 28)
  • Eastern Thanalan (X: 14, Y: 30)
  • Western La Noscea (X: 28, Y: 24)

After talking to him, you can become a Mentor and due to your status, you can get the exclusive benefits.

That’s all there is to know about how to qualify as a Mentor. With that cleared up, check out our list of the best FFXIV addons and mods that you can try out.