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FF14 Endwalker Ultima Thule Aether Current Coordinates

Wondering where all the Aether currents are located in the Ultima Thule zone of Endwalker? This guide will help you with their coordinates.

If you want to start flying in the last zone of the Endwalker expansion of FFXIV you first need to collect the Aether currents. That too has its own prerequisites like unlocking all the islands in the zone and completing the main quest. Once you have done those you can find green swirling orbs of wind known as Aether currents spread across the map. So in this guide let us take a look at the Aether current coordinates in Ultima Thule Zone of FF14 (FFXIV) Endwalker expansion.

Aether Current Coordinates in Ultima Thule Zone FF14


ff14 aether current coordinates in ultima thule zone

Below are the coordinates of the Aether currents.

  • First Current – X: 34.7 / Y: 29.7 / Z: 3.9
  • Second Current – X: 36.5 / Y: 28.6 / Z: 3.9
  • Third Current – X: 14.8 / Y: 14.2 / Z: 2.2
  • Fourth Current – X: 13.7 / Y: 8.8 / Z: 2.1
  • Fifth Current – X: 16.7 / Y: 15.5 / Z: 2.7
  • Sixth Current – X: 34.2 / Y: 27.2 / Z: 3.9
  • Seventh Current – X: 32.8 / Y: 29.5 / Z: 3.9
  • Eighth Current – X: 21.7 / Y: 6.3 / Z: 2.3
  • Ninth Current – X: 32.2 / Y: 26.2 / Z: 3.9
  • Tenth Current – X: 29.9 / Y: 7.8 / Z: 2.3


While I may have mentioned them as first, second, third, and so on but you can collect them in any order. As mentioned above they appear as green swirling orbs so if you see them you have found one. Although, it is best if you use the Aether Compass to pinpoint their exact location, as they can help you know how close you are to them. You can find the Aether Compass in your collections section instead of the Key items inventory. Open the Duty menu and select collections to find it.

There is one Aether current that you get from completing the main quest. And, you can find four Aether currents from doing the side quests.

That sums up this guide on the Aether current coordinates in Ultima Thule Zone in FF14 (FFXIV). If you like playing this game then be sure to check our other guides on how to fix DirectX 11 error and how to fix error 3001 in FF14.