Final Fantasy XIV Ocean Fishing Bait Guide

Have you found the Ocean Fishing mini-game in Final Fantasy XIV tricky? Read this guide to learn all you need to know about it!

Ocean Fishing is one of the many interesting little mini-games in Final Fantasy XIV. You can get plenty of rewards from this game, along with having houra of fun. In this article, we will tell you all you need to know about ocean fishing bait in FF14.

Final Fantasy XIV Ocean Fishing Bait Guide

ocean fishing bait final fantasy xiv

What is Ocean Fishing in FF14?

In Final Fantasy 14, ocean fishing requires you to hunt for all kinds of rare fish along with 24 players. Unlike previous modes and other mini-games, you will not be able to keep changing your ships once you set off. You will have to follow a strict schedule. Each boat sets off every two hours.

You will be able to take part in it once you finish the Fishing Guild class in Limsa Lominsa.

What Rewards Can You Get When Ocean Fishing?

While it may be a little disheartening to see lesser rewards during the start, you will be glad to know that the rewards get better as you keep progressing! Everything depends on your level and the way you progress through the game. You can also get an extremely large amount of EXP. These points do not get awarded with each fish you catch. Instead, it gets tallied together at the end. This can result in much bigger rewards.

During the initial few stages of the game, you will primarily aim to get two types of rewards. They are the Major General Minion and The Hybodus mount.

Playing the Ocean Fishing minigame in Final Fantasy XIV will also give you scrips. Scrips are the in-game currency, with which you can buy different items inside the game. The amount of points you score in the game is directly related to the type and number of scrips you earn. On most occasions, you will earn Yellow Scrips. However, catching a rare fish will give you a White Scrip too, so keep your eyes peeled for that one.

As a bonus, regardless of the fish you catch, you can frame them and then display them inside your in-game house. The size of the frame depends on the size of the fish, so a big fish will need a big frame. You can buy these frames with Yellow scrips from the vendor at the dock.

What Are The Ocean FishingRoutes?

These are the locations the boats will sail to and pass by in the game.

  • The Southern Strait of Merlthor
  • Galadion Bay
  • The Northern Strait of Merlthor
  • Rhotano Sea

When ocean fishing in Final Fantasy 14, the boats you use will follow pre-determined routes when you leave the docks. There are a total of 15 different possible routes in this game, and your boat will spend around 5 minutes at each of these spots. Each spot will have different types of fish, so pay equal attention to all of them.

You can also check which route the boat will take before you embark it by speaking to the non-playing characters. We recommend you do this each time you are about to set foot on a ship so that you are well prepared with your bait. This is because baits vary with each location. As far as running out of bait is concerned, you need not worry. You can even buy bait while you are on the ship.

What Bait Should You Use While Ocean Fishing in Final Fantasy XIV?

To get a high score while ocean fishing in Final Fantasy XIV, you will need to place everything on strategy and luck. The bait you use, along with the timing of using it will determine what your final points tally will look like.

While catching fish randomly might seem appealing to you, we recommend you implement a strategy that involves you aiming for the spectral fish in each zone. By doing so, you will trigger the spectral current of the zone. During this phase, you will be able to find rare fish quire easily, helping you score a lot of points quickly. Each time you target a specific combination of fish in a zone, you will activate a personal Fisher’s Intuition buff. This will make catching 5-star fish much easier. You will need different types of fish and bait for each zone. With a little bit of practice, you will be able to effectively master these combinations.

Before you head into the ocean, you will also need to use bait to lure the fish in. When you unlock Ocean Fishing, you will be rewarded with a Versatile Lure. You can use it to catch a few fish. However, if you are aiming to catch spectral fish, you will need bait like plump word, krill, and ragworm. You can buy all of these from the merchant on the docks.

Which Fish Should You Aim to Catch For Spectral Currents?

When sailing in The Southern Straight of Merlthor, you should try to catch the Spectral Discus. Use the Krill bait to help trigger the spectral current. When sailing in The Northern Straight, aim to catch the Spectral Sea Bo. Use a Ragworm as bait to do so. For Galadion & the Rhotano Sea, you should try to catch the Spectral Megalodon with Plump Worm as bait, and Spectral Bass with the same bait respectively.

This is all you need to know about the Ocean Fishing minigame in Final Fantasy XIV. You can use this guide to be as well prepared as possible. Despite all your preparations, you will need to be ready to face the fact that much of this game depends upon luck too. This means that on some days, you might not catch any fish at all. It can be the complete opposite too. Just remember to keep practicing to get the gist of the different combos, and you should be good to go!

With this, we arrive at the end of our guide on Ocean Fishing & Baits in Final Fantasy 14. As you can see, this can be quite a challenging and complex minigame, but with some practice, you will easily master it too! With your nets full of the rarest fish, check out the best servers you should join in Final Fantasy XIV.

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