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Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Get Festive Christmas Tree

Here's how to get Festive Christmas trees in ACNH decorated with red, blue and gold ornaments!

Winter is coming in Animal Crossing New Horizons and of course, the festive season is incomplete without a Christmas Tree in ACNH. If you are wondering how to get Festive trees and how to obtain and use the ornaments for it, this guide will explain everything you need to know.

How to Get Christmas Tree in ACNH?

how to get christmas tree acnh
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You can get the Christmas tree items like Festive tree, Big Festive tree, Illuminated Tree and Tabletop Festive Tree in Animal Crossing New Horizons by crafting them. You need multiple materials including Red, Blue and Gold Ornaments to craft these Festive Item DIY recipes.


Illuminated Tree DIY Recipe

  • 6 Iron Nuggets
  • 6 Gold Ornament
  • 8 Blue Ornament
  • 8 Red Ornament


Festive Tree DIY recipe

  • 5 Wood
  • 2 Gold Ornament
  • 3 Blue Ornament
  • 3 Red Ornament


Big Festive Tree

  • 4 Gold Ornament
  • 6 Blue Ornament
  • 6 Red Ornament
  • 5 Wood
  • 5 Clay


Tabletop Festive Tree

  • 2 Clay
  • 3 Tree Branch
  • 5 Gold Ornament

How to Get Festive Ornament Item DIY Recipes

To get these Festive Ornament DIY recipes, you have to look for balloon presents right from December 15 to January 6 in both hemispheres. Plus, you can get the Ornament Wreath DIY recipe from Isabelle during Isabelle’s morning announcement. If you end up with a duplicate recipe from the balloon gifts, consider trading it with your friends.


Now, you may be wondering how to get Gold, Blue and Red Ornaments in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Keep reading further to know.

How to Get Ornaments in ACNH (Fast)

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You can get ornaments in Animal Crossing New Horizons by shaking pine (cedar) trees during the Festive season. You will get Blue and Red ornaments more frequently while the Gold Ornament is more rare. So, when you spot some decorated trees on your island, don’t forget to shake them to obtain Ornaments in ACNH.

How to Use Ornaments

Ornaments are DIY crafting materials that are used to craft the Christmas tree in ACNH as well as other holiday items. Craft the Holiday Candle, Illuminated Reindeer, Illuminated Present, Jingle Wall, Ornament Mobile, Festive Top set, Illuminated Snowflakes and the Ornament Wreath.

This is basically how to get Christmas tree in ACNH. You can choose to get one of them or all of them to make your island more festive with the help of these Festive item DIY recipes. If you want to make your holiday season even cuter, here’s how to get puppies in Animal Crossing New Horizons as well. They are actually Puppy Plushies and they are adorable!