How To Get Puppies In ACNH

Here's how to get a Dog in Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH) easily.

Toy Day in Animal Crossing New Horizons is an event that’s happening on December 24. During this winter celebration, you can get some cute items in your inventory. By cute, I mean super cute puppies! Yes, you can get some adorable dogs that you can interact with. If you want to know how to get Puppies in ACNH (Animal Crossing New Horizons), this guide will help you out.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Puppies: How to Get them?

To get puppies in ACNH, you need to get the Puppy Plushie from the Christmas Toy Set. You can buy it from the upgraded Nook’s Cranny right from 1st December to 25th December. All you have to do is find them in the special seasonal furniture section in the shop. With the Puppy Plushie in your inventory, you can select it and place the item to get a dog next to you. Adorable!


Get Cute Dogs (Puppy Plushies) in Animal Crossing New Horizons – ACNH


All the puppies in ACNH (or Puppy Plushies to be specific) will be available in various types based on dog breeds like Dalmatian, Beagle, Labrador and more. You can obtain them in beige, red, lemon and white, spotted, black, tricolored, gray and white and pink. Do note that you cannot customize these toys with a DIY workbench so you will have to trade with others if you want other colors. Check out how these dogs in ACNH look like!

With these cute Toy Day items, you can hang out with your puppies and also show off your creativity. Some players have even created a puppy park and used tents to enhance the aesthetic!

If you aren’t already aware, the tents are also a part of the Christmas Toy set Furniture items. If you want to set up a tent and sit on the ground next to it, we’ve got a guide on how to get the sitting down reaction.

Apart from these, you will also get lots more festive items like tin robots, festive rug, new Christmas Clothing and more.

That’s all about how to get puppies in ACNH. Get a dog for yourself and have fun on your island! Since we’re on the topic of festivities, here are the Turkey Day DIY item recipes. Plus, find out how to claim the FREE Yule Log gift too!