Dave The Diver: Where To Find Feather Coral And Lily Coral

Can’t find Feather Coral and Lily Coral in Dave the Diver? Follow this guide and get the location of these medicinal items.

Once you begin Chapter 2 ‘Into The Sea’, in Dave the Diver, your character will have to jump through a lot of hoops to complete all the quests. Similarly, during the ‘Speak With The Sea People’ mission, once you interact with Suwam, he will ask you to help him get some medical help for Ramo, who is the daughter of the Sea People village chief. Since he is appointed to guard her, Suwam won’t be able to get these items and leave Ramo alone.

Therefore, to progress through this mission, you will have to find Feather Coral and Lily Coral and figure out how you can make them edible. If you need help getting the location of these two important items in the game, here are all the details you will need to get these herbs.

Where to Find Feather Coral and Lily Coral in Dave the Diver

Where To Find Feather Coral And Lily Coral In Dave The Diver

Both, the Feather Coral and the Lily Coral can be found 150-200 meters below sea level. However, to get the exact location, exit the cave you were in and go towards the left-hand side. You will then spot a tunnel. Once you enter this narrow passage, your path will be blocked by tunnel worms.

In order to pass through the tunnel without any issues, you will have to use your UV Flashlight. Once the light shines on them, they will retract and let you pass.

Once you exit this passage, swim up a little bit and go straight ahead. You will notice the yellow exclamation quest sign that will help you get closer to the Feather Coral.

After you collect this item, swim downwards and look for the yellow exclamation mark. Once you find it, collect the Lily Coral.

Now that you have both these medicinal items, you can return to the surface and go to Bancho Sushi, so that you can talk to Bancho. Once you speak to him, he will make the Coral edible by turning it into a Porridge. This Porridge can then be used to cure Ramo.

We have covered everything you need to know about where you can find Leather Coral and Lily Coral. Since you are already done with Chapter 1, check out how many more are left to complete the game. Additionally, learn how you can set up a Branch and unlock the Cobra Shop, all available here on Gamer Tweak.