EA FC 24 Drop In Matches Not Working – How To Fix (2023)

Can't connect to a Drop In Match in EA FC 24? Here's how to fix the not working issue.

While it’s a new dawn for EA Sports with FC 24, some recurring problems have sneaked back into the game. The EA FC 24 Drop In Matches Not Working is an issue in Pro Clubs that has been going on since FIFA 23. If you are already a veteran, you might know that there is no permanent fix to this issue and only a handful of troubleshooting tips might help you get through. In this guide, we will show you all you can do to fix the Drop In Matches disconnecting issue that you have been facing.

How to Fix FC 24 Drop In Matches Not Working Error

EA FC 24 Drop In Matches Not Working Fix

There is no permanent fix to the FC 24 Drop In Matches Not Working issue and players will have to wait for EA to provide an update or patch. In the meanwhile, there are a few troubleshooting tips that you should check out and hopefully, one of them might work. Since FUT and Pro Clubs is quite important, EA should be doing something about this soon.

  • Firstly, players need to check whether the EA FC 24 Servers are working properly or if they are facing an outage.
  • If the servers are fine and you are still facing this error, you should head to Settings> Online Settings> Online Matchmaking and then disable Crossplay. That should help you get into the game.
  • Additionally, since this error is related to internet connection, make sure your internet is working properly. You can restart the router and modem to clear the cache.

If you are still facing troubles with the FC 24 Drop In Matches Not Working issue, we recommend you contact EA Support. Since it is still early days for the game, they would find it helpful to have your feedback along with any bugs and errors.

That’s all we have on the Drop In Matches Not Working issue. If you are facing troubles with FUT Not Working, we have covered that as well here on our dedicated EA FC 24 section at Gamer Tweak.