New World: All Fast Travel Locations

Know all the Fast Travel locations in New World.

New World is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing game wherein you embark on an adventure in the world of Aeternum. The world map is huge with multiple regions on it hiding several side quests. Completing main quests or side quests can get you rewards like XP, Azoth, Standing, etc. Moreover, these resources are necessary for you to progress further in the game. But, the map is huge, and traveling to any corner of the map can get really tiring. However, it is possible to fast travel in this game by unlocking landmarks. Although, if you haven’t explored the map yet, then we got you covered. Check out this guide featuring all the Fast Travel locations in New World.

All Fast Travel Locations in New World

All Fast Travel Locations in New World

There are three types of landmarks in this game that are Settlements, Outposts, and Spirit Shrines. Here are all the locations of these landmarks on different regions of the Aeternum world map:

Shattered Mountain

  • Mountainhome – Outpost
  • Mountainrise – Outpost
  • Old Myrkgard – Spirit Shrine

Great Cleave

  • Cleave’s Point – Outpost
  • Tempest Valley – Spirit Shrine
  • Eastburn – Outpost


  • Gatherer’s Road – Spirit Shrine
  • Last Stand – Outpost
  • Elysian – Spirit Shrine
  • Valor Hold – Outpost
  • Blighted – Spirit Shrine


  • Ram’s Respite – Spirit Shrine
  • New Balefire – Spirit Shrine
  • Mourningdale – Settlement

Ebonscale Reach

  • Traveler’s Precipice – Spirit Shrine
  • Ebonscale Reach – Settlement
  • Pilgrim’s Rest – Spirit Shrine


  • Fort Alazar – Spirit Shrine
  • Wolfbough – Spirit Shrine
  • Brightwood – Settlement
  • Alchemist’s – Spirit Shrine

Weaver’s Fen

  • Mallory’s Refuge – Spirit Shrine
  • Weaver’s Fen – Settlement
  • South Pestilence – Spirit Shrine

Restless Shore

  • Sisyphos – Spirit Shrine
  • Restless Shore – Settlement

Monarch’s Bluff

  • Achernar Gate – Spirit Shrine
  • Monarch’s Bluff – Settlement
  • Dreadscythe – Spirit Shrine


  • Bearclaw – Spirit Shrine
  • Everfall – Settlement
  • Dreadscythe – Spirit Shrine


  • Time’s Advantage – Spirit Shrine
  • Reekwater – Settlement
  • Siren’s Run – Spirit Shrine


  • Hermit’s – Spirit Shrine
  • Windsward – Settlement

Cutlass Keys

  • Marshview – Spirit Shrine
  • Skullworm – Spirit Shrine

First Light

  • Las Torres Lookout – Spirit Shrine
  • Cape Thomas – Spirit Shrine
  • First Light – Settlement

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Thereafter, keep in mind that doing Fast Travel in this game requires Azoth. Azoth is a mineral used as a form of currency that can be obtained by killing enemies or completing quests. Additionally, the farther you travel, the more Azoth you’ll have to pay.

These were all the Fast Travel locations in New World. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other New World guides.