How To Unlock & Use Fast Travel In Wuthering Waves

Fast traveling makes it easier for you to reach any destination in Wuthering Waves easily.

Exploring the vast landscape of Solaris-3 is indeed a tiring task but luckily, Fast Travel in Wuthering Waves is an actual thing. So instead of walking your way from one region to another, you can simply teleport yourself to the destination. However, fast traveling is not something that you can do anywhere, anytime. Much like in Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy, you need to find teleportation waypoints throughout the map to do it. In this guide, we are going to explain how exactly you can find and use them to fast travel in WuWa.

How to Unlock Fast Traveling in WuWa

using resonance beacon to fast travel in wuthering waves
A Resonance Beacon used for fast traveling

To fast travel, you can use two devices known as Resonance Beacon and Resonance Nexus in Wuthering Waves. Resonance Beacons are small devices installed all over the map, so you can interact with them and fast travel. There are in total 68 beacons that you can unlock across all of Solaris-3.

using resonance nexus to fast travel in wuthering waves
A Resonance Nexus used for fast traveling and healing

Resonance Nexus is comparatively bigger than Resonance Beacons as it is more than just a fast-traveling device. Not only you can teleport yourself but also heal your Resonators using a Resonance Nexus. Plus, you can also revive a fallen party member by visiting it. There are 11 Resonance Nexuses scattered all over the map that you can find.

You need to interact with a Resonance Beacon or Resonance Nexus in order to activate it and enable fast travel in WuWa.

How to Use Fast Travel in WuWa

Once unlocked, using fast travel to teleport yourself is no biggie. All you have to do is open the map (M), select a Resonance Beacon or Resonance Nexux, and click on Fast Travel. If you have activated the discovered device, you will be able to travel there in a nick of time.

That’s how you can unlock and use the fast travel in Wuthering Waves. Make sure to access this feature and save plenty of your time. Aside from this, there are other tasks where you can show efficiency and spending currency like Astrites is one of them. We have guides that can help you understand them so feel free to check them out.