Soulmask Farming Guide: How To Grow Crops & Food

Farming in Soulmask goes through a process and here’s a comprehensive guide explaining everything about it.

While you can hunt down animals for meat, you can also choose its alternative and do farming in Soulmask. You won’t get any meat using this method, but you will surely get a hefty supply of fruits and vegetables. Like in real life, farming in this game requires your undivided attention. But we assure you that the results will be rather satisfying. So, here’s a farming guide to help you carry out this process and farm food in Soulmask.

How to Grow Crops in Soulmask

For almost any task, you are required to unlock its respective branch from the Technology Tree. Like farming, you must unlock the “Crop Planting” method from the Knowledge & Technology menu under the “Dawn of the New Tribe” section. Crop Planting unlocks five essential tools for farming in Soulmask: Farmland, Fertilizer Bucket, Fertilizer, Seed Selection, and Well.

unlocking crop planting for farming in soulmask

Unlocking all of these costs Tech Points you can earn by increasing your Awareness Strength (level). Once you have unlocked all these essentials for growing crops in Soulmask, you are all set for farming. You can follow the below steps and start farming:

  • Get Seeds
  • Set up Farmland
  • Use Fertilizers
  • Simulate Weather Conditions for Growth Boost
  • Water Crops Frequently
  • Assign Tribesmen for Farming Crops

Let’s look at these points in a bit more detail.

1 Get Seeds

You can only do farming once you have some seeds to sow. For those who don’t know, seeds can be found anywhere in the open world, such as chests, enemy camps, etc. While these are unreliable ways, you can crush fruits or vegetables in a Grinder to obtain their seeds in return. Crafting a Grinder requires you to spend x10 Stones and x5 Plank. You can then put crops like Cashews, Chili, Corn, Peanuts, Guava, Pumpkin, Tomato, Papaya, etc in the Grinder and obtain their seeds.

2 Set up Farmland

Set up Farmland

Now that you have seeds to sow, you only need fertile land. You can place the Farmlands you previously unlocked in the first step. Creating a Farmland requires x20 Clay and x40 Flint for crafting. If you don’t have Flint, you can use Stone to do the job. Once you have crafted Farmland, go to your inventory and floor it anywhere you like.

After placing the Farmland, choose a seed from your inventory and click on any part of the Farmland. Your in-game character will automatically plant the seed, and your next step should be taking care of the crop. One good thing about farming in Soulmask is that it allows you to plant seeds anywhere you like on the Farmlands. There are no fixed spots for it.

3 Use Fertilizers

Use Fertilizers

As I said earlier, growing crops in this game requires your undivided attention. If you take enough care, you can boost your crop’s growth using Fertilizers. You can craft several fertilizers using a Fertilizer Bucket. Crafting this facility cost x10 Stone, x20 Clay, and x10 Plank.

Below, you will get a list of all the Fertilizers and what crop are best suited for them:

FertilizersIngredientsSuitable Crops
Compostx2 Tree Bark + x10 Fiber, x10 Thatch, or x10 VineAll Crops
Ash Fertilizerx2 Feces + x5 Fire AshPumpkin
Bone Powder Fertilizerx2 Feces + x5 Bone Powder or x5 Phosphorous PowderCorn, Cashew, Peanut, Tomato, Papaya
Stone Powder Fertilizerx2 Feces + x5 Acidic Fluid or x5 Niter PowderChili and Guava
Compound Fertilizerx10 Compost + x10 Ash Fertilizer + x10 Bone Powder Fertilizer + x10 Stone Powder FertilizerAll Crops

From the above list, you can choose any fertilizer suitable for your crop and place it on your farm.

4 Simulate Weather Conditions for Growth Boost

To boost crop production further, you can simulate suitable weather conditions. If the crop you are planting grows well in a cool climate, you can craft and place a Cooling Table near it. Similarly, if the crop requires warm weather, you can place an Air Heater nearby.

You can craft both of these Temperature Stations by using the following ingredients:

  • Cooling Table
    • Ingredients: x50 Stone Brick, x40 Premium Leather, x40 Clay, and x20 Hardwood Plank
  • Air Heater
    • Ingredients: x50 Iron Ingot, x40 Premium Leather, x20 Hardwood Plank, x20 Leather Rope, x20 Rubber.

5 Water Crops Frequently

Water Crops Frequently

You need to

With a Water Bucket in your hands, go to the Well, procure some water, take it to the crops, and shower it there. Doing this in a timely manner will flourish the production of crops in Soulmask.

6 Assign Tribesmen for Farming Crops

Once you have laid the foundation for healthy farming on your base, you can assign your Tribesmen to keep it going. As there are other tasks, you probably don’t want to spend all your time gardening.

To assign Tribesmen the farming job, you need to build a Granary. Building Granary requires you to spend x50 Stone, x30 Bronze Ingot, x100 Hardwood Plank, and x20 Leather Rope. You can assign Tribesmen to Granary, and they will automatically start planting, fertilizing, watering, and harvesting crops.

Fully grown crops will prompt an option for harvesting them so you can collect them on time. There you go; you now have an endless supply of food through farming in Soulmask. Alongside farming, make sure to recruit new Tribesmen and improve their mood, so they show more dedication toward your work.