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How To Make Money Fast In Jagged Alliance 3 (Farming Guide)

Good source of income is very important to pay off the salary of the mercs.

In Jagged Alliance 3, your first priority should be farming money as fast as you can. That’s because, without it, you won’t be able to hire & pay the salary of the mercs in the first place. Don’t forget, only stacking up the cash will not do, you’ll have to find a proper source of income. The one that provides you with a good amount of funds on a daily basis. Sadly there are only a few methods that provide you with a big chunk of money at once. But don’t worry, there are tips that you can use that’ll surely save you from going bankrupt and help you get rich in JA3.

How to Farm Money & Get Rich in Jagged Alliance 3

Players can farm Money / Cash and get rich quickly in Jagged Alliance 3 by doing various things such as.

  • Increasing the Loyalty of Diamond Mine Area
  • Attacking the Diamond Shipment
  • Selling Relics
  • Completing Notes (Quests)

So far, these are the best ways to get a good amount of cash in JA3. If you’re going to try them out, then scroll down and do take a look at some important details of the farming methods.

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Increase Loyalty of Diamond Mine Area

Increasing the Loyalty of the settlement that has a Diamond Mine can always keep the cash flowing. After the president went missing the Legion took over these mines and now you have to reclaim it and keep the town safe. To do that you’ll need plenty of Militias to fight for you. Once you have the hold, don’t forget to secure the mine with some Militias, because the Legion will never stop trying. It’s also worth noting that, the Mines can also go dry and stop producing diamonds. In this case, all you can do is look for another mine and repeat the process. After you have enough of this resource sell it and enjoy the profit.

Attack the Diamond Shipment to get rich and farm money jagged alliance 3 tips & tricks
Source Image: Ic0n Gaming

Attack the Diamond Shipment

As now you know, Diamonds will be the most vital thing every time you need some cash. If you’re not able to find any mines on the satellite map, then look for some moving diamonds icon. These are the Legion Diamond Shipments that you can ambush and attack to farm Money quickly in Jagged Alliance 3. They’ll be carrying diamond crates which can get you more than 11K in one go. So make sure you keep an eye on the map and attack the shipments whenever you get the chance.

Selling Relics

Players can also get good cash for selling the Relics they find on their way. This valuable item is usually found in the tombs present inside the mines. However, they don’t have that much of a return but can surely be a nice source of income.

Completing Notes (Side Quests) to make cash money fast and get rich in ja3
Source Image: Ic0n Gaming

Completing Notes (Side Quests)

Last but not least, just like any other game, completing quests can yield a good chunk of money easily in Jagged Alliance 3. To take on these missions all you have to do is open the satellite map, press the Command button, and select Notes.

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Other Tips & Tricks to Get Rich in JA3

Other than farming money, there are also some things that you have to keep in mind to keep your cash flow smooth.

  • Extorting NPCs that are non-hostile can be a lifesaver in the early stages of the game.
  • Hack Hardware to make easy cash.
  • Don’t hire expensive mercenaries in the early stages, as they’ll have a high salary rate.
  • Go for long-term contracts with the mercs to get a good discount on a per-day wage. The longer the period the lower the per day salary.
  • Spend the money wisely, don’t buy the things you don’t need. As farming cash can get pretty difficult.

That covers everything about how you can farm Money and get rich in Jagged Alliance 3 quickly. If you’re having trouble finding herbs in JA3, then take a look at how to get meds easily. Also, check out if you can sell weapons in this game.