AFK Journey: How To Farm Gemstones

Find out the best ways to farm Gemstones in AFK Journey.

Gemstones in AFK Journey is a currency, other than Diamonds, that is comparatively easy to come by. While its value is relatively lower than Dolly Tickets and Dragon Crystals, its use case is far more important. You are going to need this resource on various occasions but primarily, you need it for unlocking new Heroes. Since you can obtain Gemstones from anywhere throughout the in-game World, that doesn’t mean you should stop farming Gemstones. Here’s a quick guide that can help you find this currency with ease.

How to Farm Gemstones in AFK Journey

obtaining gemstones in afk journey using real money

To be honest, Gemstones are a common reward for almost any task you accomplish in the AFK Journey. You can get it by looting hidden areas on the map, defeating enemies, etc. Likewise, you can also complete daily challenges to obtain Gemstones. But you should know that both of these methods don’t net you plenty of Gemstones.

The most reliable way of farming plenty of Gemstones in AFK Journey includes completing the Growth Paths challenges and using Codes. While these are not endless sources of earning the currency, you can still focus on them.

Note: You can check out our guide on AFK Journey Codes. We mention all the latest codes there so you can redeem them and treat yourself to some Gemstones.

Lastly, one of the quickest ways to farm loads of Gemstones in AFK Journey is by buying them with real money. This should always be the last resort as no one likes to spare funds.

That’s all you need to do for farming Gemstones in AFK Journey. Apart from this, stay tuned with us if you are looking to farm rare resources like Artifact Echoes and Hero Acorns. We have covered guides that can help you get them easily.