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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: How To Farm Exp Fast (Leveling Guide)

Here is how you can Farm Exp Fast in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Whether you are playing Scarlet & Violet or any other Pokemon game, one of the things you will want to know is how to Farm Exp fast. Exp or Experience points are very important in this game as they help you level up and evolve your Pokemon. And the stronger your Pokemon the more opponents you can easily defeat. It can also help you take higher-level tera raid battles alone. So in this guide let us quickly take a look at the best methods that are easy to farm Exp in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.


How to Farm Exp Fast in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

easy methods to farm exp fast in pokemon scarlet and violet

There are mainly two methods that you can use two quickly farm Exp fast in these games, and they are:

  • Chansey Farming
  • From Exp Candies

The best part is not only are the fast but also easy. Here is how both methods work:


Chansey Farming

Chansey is a Pokemon that can give you some of the highest experience in the game when it comes to getting it from a wild Pokemon. And the best part is there are several areas in this game where you can find it. Aside from Chansey, you can also farm Blissey as the next best option. So here is what you should do:

  1. Make the Pokemon you want to train, hold Lucky egg. This is a very important step.
  2. Next, set a picnic to make a sandwich that lets you boost your Normal Pokemon Encounters and eat it. Some of these sandwiches are:
    • Master Refreshing Sandwich
    • Master Egg Sandwich
    • Master Potato Sandwich
  3. Finally, go to any of these areas:
    • North Province Area Three
    • North Province Area Two
    • North Province Area One
  4. Once here, look for any Chansey or Blissey you come across and battle them. Don’t use the Let’s Go feature as it yields less experience.

From Exp Candies

Exp Candies are obtained from Tera Raids. And these raids also require you to battle. But don’t waste your time on just any Tera Raids. Based on the level of your Pokemon try going for higher star raids. If possible try going for 4 or 5-star raids. This is because from them you can get Exp. Candies sized M, L, and XL. That gives you 3000, 10000, and 30000 Exp respectively.


Don’t forget you get experience from Tera Raids as well. So make sure you make your Pokemon hold the Lucky Egg while taking on these raid battles.

Other Tips to Farm Exp Faster in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Here are some other tips you might find useful while leveling up your Pokemon in this game:

  • Don’t Skip Trainer Battles: Trainer Battles give more Exp when compared to battling wild Pokemon. So make sure you battle any and every trainer you come across. Be sure to eat sandwiches that give you Exp. meal power while fighting trainers to get more experience.
  • Don’t Fight every Pokemon: Not every Pokemon will give you a good amount of experience upon defeat. But what you will lose is your time. So make sure you check if the Pokemon you are fighting will give you a good amount of Exp. Or if your Pokemon is super effective against them, this will help finish the fights faster.
  • Challenge Academy Ace Tournament: If you have completed the main story of the game this tip is a must. Academy Ace Tournament works similarly to how you would repeatedly challenge the E4 in older games. You can unlock Academy Ace Tournament by defeating the 8 gym leaders after you become the champion.

That covers this guide on how to easily farm experience fast in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. While farming Exp is important I would recommend you also check our best EV Training spots. This will be very useful if you plan to EV train your Pokemon. And for other things on this game, I suggest you also check out our Pokemon SV section.