Best Way To Farm Emeralds In Anime Last Stand (ALS)

Want to assemble the best Units but don’t have enough Emeralds in Anime Last Stand? Here are the best ways to farm this currency.

Having the Best Units in Anime Last Stand is crucial to survive and win all the Waves. For that, you will have to spend a decent amount of Emeralds on summoning banners. We are not talking about a hundred but over a thousand Emeralds. Accumulating such an enormous amount of in-game currency will require you to grind. Now, there is more than one way through which you can farm this Gem in large numbers. But in this guide, we will tell you the best way to farm Emeralds in Anime Last Stand.

Here’s the Best Way to Farm Emeralds in Anime Last Stand

Using AFK Chamber to Farm Emeralds in Anime Last Stand
AFK Chamber in Anime Last Stand. Screenshot by Gamer Tweak

In my opinion, the best way to farm emeralds in Anime Last Stand is to go to the AFK Chamber. This area is located behind the Leaderboard area near the shining waterfall. Once you get inside the water, you will have the option to teleport to the AFK Chamber. In this chamber, you have to do nothing but go AFK (Away From Keyboard). And for that, you will receive +2 Emeralds every minute. However, if you are a Roblox VIP Member, you will get +3 Emeralds each minute.

This means that normal users can get 2880 Emeralds, and VIP Members can get 4320 Emeralds daily for doing nothing. For PC gamers, using the AFK Chamber is the best way to farm Emeralds in Anime Last Stand. Other ways to farm Emeralds are by completing Story Mode Acts or Challenges on Nightmare Difficulty. Completing waves on Nightmare difficulty nets you more Emeralds than on the Normal difficulty.

You can use Anime Last Codes to get Emeralds and other free rewards. FYI, these codes are time-sensitive and will expire soon. For your reference, we have listed all the active codes in our ALS Codes Guide. So be sure to check it out on our website.

That covers everything about this topic. If you want to learn about evolving units like Flash and Sukuna, we have guides that can help. Please stay connected with us for more Anime Last Stand content.