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Callisto Credits Farming Guide – The Callisto Protocol

Here are the best ways to farm Callisto Credits in the Callisto Protocol.

In The Callisto Protocol, you will face some of the fiercest creatures and enemies. To fight them off and survive, you need weapons, gear, and upgrades. That’s where the Callisto Credits come in. They are a form of in-game currency you can use to level up your weapons and buy items at a Reforge Terminal. If you too are looking for ways to make money fast in this game then look no further. In this article, we will tell you how to farm Callisto Credits in the Callisto Protocol.


How to Farm Callisto Credits in Callisto Protocol

Kill Biophage Enemies

In this game, you will face mutated Biophage enemies. After killing them, they will drop loot at random. You can get Callisto Credits, health, ammo, or certain items you can sell. If you have low health, then you will likely get that as a loot item. So to farm credits, make sure you have a good chunk of health left.

Stomp on Biophages to Farm Callisto Credits

Stomp on Enemies to loot credits

Sometimes when you kill the Biophages, you might not get any loot. In that case, go near their body and perform a Stomp. Doing so, you might get some credits out of them. This too is completely random and you might end up with nothing.


Loot Lockers and Prison Cells

While progressing through the game, you will get an option to interact and open Lockers or Prison Cells. Some of them may contain enemies waiting to jump on you. But don’t avoid them. Opening some lockers and prison cells will give you Callisto Credits.

Open Storage Chests

Open Chests to get Callisto Credits


Apart from lockers and prison cells, you will also find Storage Chests during your missions. Make sure you open them to farm Callisto Credits.

Sell Items at the Reforge Station to Farm Callisto Credits

When you find items like Energy Converter or Contraband Pack, you can head over to the Reforge Stations to make money. You can also sell ammo and consumables but keep some with you to fight off enemies.


Look for Optional Areas

Some areas called the Beta Paths are optional but make sure you check them. But be careful while scouring them. While some may get you easy money, others might be littered with enemies ready to kill you.

These are the best ways to farm Callisto Credits in Callisto Protocol. For more helpful guides like Reforge Weapon Upgrades and Ammo Farming Guide, visit our Callisto Protocol section soon.