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Far Cry 6 Overview: Become The Revolution

Antón Castillo's dictatorship must be stopped. Who replaces him depends on you

Far Cry 6 will bring a new perspective to the word dictator when you see Antón Castillo rule with his might and power to subdue opinions retaliate against those who question and kill anyone who opposes his. He is trying to recreate Yara in his image when he was a child.

Story Overview


Back then Yara was controlled by a dictator who was the father of Antón, he was born into an oppressed regime and has come into power. His subjects, that are the inhabitants of this island staged a revolution and beheaded Antón Castillo’s father. Now Antón is looking forward to cementing his legacy by training his son in his image who will not only take over from El Presidente but also build upon it, have a firm group on the masses and take them to the promised land.

Maps have been a huge interactive point in Far Cry games, and the developers have confirmed that Far Cry 6’s map will be bigger than any previous game in the franchise. Far Cry 6 will probably take you more than an hour to get from the two farthest points in the game. There will be biodiversity that will have its advantages and disadvantages which you can use to your benefit.


As a rebel soldier, you have to overthrow Antón and make sure that his son does not pick up his mantle. Far Cry 6 will also heavily feature Anti-Fascism which is a primary theme of Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs Legion as well.

Yara is based on Cuba and like the tropical island, Yara too will have places where you can train your guerilla army and stage your revolution mimicking the events that happened over half a century ago but at the same time making sure that it does not repeat itself. Far Cry 6 will put you in the driving seat of the next big revolution while making sure that your actions do not create Diego, son of Antón to follow in his father’s footsteps.


Far Cry 6 looks to put you in a situation where history is repeating itself but the conclusion of this revolution solely rests in your hands and what you do and do not will restructure the country of Yara for years to come.