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How To Get Fantasy Coins Quickly In Roblox Pet Simulator X

Want to earn a lot of Fantasy Coins quickly in Pet Sim X, but do not know how to do so? Read this article to find the different methods you can use to get these coins fast.

You can use Fantasy Coins to buy exciting items in Roblox Pet Simulator X, making it a very desirable currency. In this article, we will show you how to get these coins quickly.

How to Get Fantasy Coins Fast in Roblox Pet Simulator X?

fantasy coins pet simulator x

Check out the different ways you can get Fantasy Coins quickly in Roblox Pet Sim X.

Triple Fantasy Coins Boost in Pet Simulator X

  • Yes, that’s right. You can use the Triple Coins Boost for Fantasy Coins too.
  • You will find this boost under the Boosts title in the Exclusive Shop section of the game.
  • As the name suggests, this boost will increase your Fantasy Coins’ amount by three times(x3)

Go to the Ancient World

  • When compared to the other worlds in Pet Sim X, the Ancient World will offer you a much better chance at getting Fantasy Coins.
  • Spending time in this world will help you get a large amount of Fantasy Coins quite quickly.
  • You can grind the chests in this world to get Fantasy Coins and other rewards too. These rewards include gems and diamonds.

Enchanting Pets

  • Enchanting pets is another simple method you can use to quickly earn a lot of Fantasy Coins.
  • To do so, you will first need to head to the Enchanted Forest world. You will find this world in the Teleport menu.
  • Once in the Enchanted Forest, you will be able to enchant pets in a particular section of the world.
  • This method will earn you nearly 70% more coins than most of the other methods.
  • You will earn plenty of coins because of the damages caused by your pets when they are enchanted.

Buy Pet Eggs

  • While you may be tempted to go for the more attractive Golden eggs, we recommend you buy the much cheaper Samurai eggs in the game.
  • Once you buy these eggs, you will be able to exchange these eggs with other players in the game. This process will earn you Fantasy Coins.
  • Apart from this, you can also fuse these eggs with each other. Doing so will give you a lot of Golden pets, which will then earn you Fantasy Coins.

This brings us to the end of this guide on how to get Fantasy Coins quickly in Roblox Pet Simulator X. If you follow these methods properly, you will be able to earn a big number of these coins.

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