Fallout 76 Godmode: Player triggers immortality bug in Game

While exploring the Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic world in Fallout 76, a Reddit Player came across an immortality bug which will enable God mode. Once you unlock the God mode in Fallout 76, your character can even take a nuke blast to the face and nothing will happen, your character will become unkillable.

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Luckily the reddit player avoided using the power to kill real human players in the world, which incorporates PvP and PvE gameplay. He has even raised this concern with Bethesda to revoke his immortality and make his character mortal again. Let us know if you encounter any bug in Fallout 76.

Bethesda Responded to Immortality bug:

There are a few ways that your character’s status can become affected. To check the status effects currently active on your character:

Open your Pip-Boy 2000.
Navigate to the STAT menu.
Select “Effects.”
Any status effects affecting your character will appear here if you have any…”

This email continues with basic information that feels like a huge kick in the teeth at this point. There is a lot of things that are restricted to me right now – such as mutation farming because I cannot cure anything, I am considered at 0hp.

We will update you with the God mode story once we hear from the Reddit user and Bethesda.

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