How To Get Falling Down Achievement In Pet Simulator 99

Aiming to complete all achievements of Pet Simulator 99 but stuck at Falling Down? Here is how to finish it.

Falling Down in Pet Simulator 99 is one of those achievements whose requirement is secret. The only thing known about it is that it rewards Diamond pouch and is required for the “Is It Real?” achievement. Now, what most people don’t know is that you can get this even before you reach zone 19. The method is pretty simple, you just need to understand what it is and perform it with the steps given here.

How to Unlock Achievement Falling Down in Pet Simulator 99

Falling Down Achievement
Screenshot by Gamer Tweak

Falling Down is exactly what it says, you need to fall down from the main map. For that, you can use three methods or zones. The first is Jungle Obby of Jungle Temple (Zone 18), the second is Shipwreck (Zone 22), and lastly VIP.

Jungle Obby Poisonous Pool

  • The Jungle Temple area has a cave portal of the Jungle Obby. Enter from the portal and jump inside the poisonous pool, while you are drowning in it press the Home button.
  • Repeat this till you start falling from the sky.

Shipwreck Zone

Shipwreck Zone PS99
Screenshot by Gamer Tweak
  • Go to Shipwreck Zone 22 and look for the anchor above the cave.
  • Climb on the right side anchor and jump in the gap we have circled.
  • Touch the ground from there, and you’ll fall down.

VIP Zone

On the right side, beside one fall is a gap between the rocks. You need to find and step on that to fall down and complete this achievement.

After falling you will land on the Stairway to Heaven. It is a hidden minigame area that you climb for hours to finish. Players are still trying to reach the top, but haven’t had much success, so for now, it is best to use the portal from there to return home. Once at home, you can use the earned Diamonds to upgrade your abilities.

That’s all on the Pet Simulator 99 Falling Down achievement guide. If this was helpful and interesting to you, do check out our Roblox section. There we have covered how to get a Super Secret Code and transfer pets from Pet Sim X to Sim 99.