Fall Guys Season 2 Makes It Easier To Win Golden Crowns

According to official information, it should be easier to secure golden crowns in the Season 2 of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. A change with which the developers at Mediatonic respond to feedback from the community.

In the weeks after the official release for PS4 and PC, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout quickly developed into one of the most popular multiplayer titles ever.

In addition to the so-called fame (kudos), which you can reap by successfully completing the matches, Fall Guys also includes a second in-game currency: the golden crowns, with which, for example, exclusive outfits can be unlocked. The fact that golden crowns could only be earned by winning a match or reaching certain levels of the Battle Pass caused frustration.

As a result, content that could only be won in limited-time events sometimes went through the rags for the players. The developers of Mediatonic indicated via Twitter that the studio has taken note of the feedback from the players and has improved the way in which golden crowns can be earned in the second season of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

As it is said, 600% more golden crowns will be awarded in the second season. It is currently still unclear how these will be distributed in detail. It would certainly be conceivable that in the future not only winning a match will be rewarded with a crown. In addition, it is speculated that with Season 2, selected challenges will be introduced, which will be successfully completed with a golden crown.

The whole thing has not yet been officially confirmed. Instead, the makers of Mediatonic only speak of the fact that Featured Outfits can be achieved by all players in the future. New rewards for particularly active players are also promised. Concrete details are also still in short supply here.