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How to Find FAL Blueprint & Unlock High Recoil Gun in Breakpoint?

Here is a way to unlock one of the most powerful assault rifles in BreakPoint.

FAL is one of the new weapons added by Breakpoint Update 3.0. FAL is a brand new assault rifle in the game, it features high recoil and it is a high damage weapon. Similar to this Honey Badger is another rifle added by the new update. If you want to know more about unlocking Honey Badger in Breakpoint then click the link, or else let’s continue with FAL Assault Rifle.

Buy FAL Assault Rifle from Maria’s Shop

The only way to grab this weapon is by buying it from Maria’s shop. You do not need to find the blueprint of this weapon. Many weapons require blueprints, which are hidden in stashes. But this weapon will be directly available at the shop. You will need a decent amount of Skell Credits to buy FAL in Breakpoint. The cost FAL Assault rifle is 15000 credits.

It is a costly gun similar to Honey Badger that costs 20000 credits. Having a low amount in your pocket then check the Honey Badger guides. I had shared some ways to earn Skell Credits.

FAL is not a drop by bosses in Breakpoint. It is only found in Maria’s shop. We had yet not discovered any second way of unlocking this powerful assault rifle. While Honey Badger is found in Maria Shop as well by killing one of the targets in Episode 3.

A lot of new weapons are introduced in the new episode which is only accessible to those who have Year 1 Pass. Along with weapons, you will also unlock a new class Pathfinder. This class brings a powerful drone vision. Use the drone to scan down the entire region, or just shoot a projectile on a target. Pathfinder is one of the best supportive classes in Breakpoint.

We will be sharing more details on new weapons, class tips, and tricks of Breakpoint. Stay tuned at GamerTweak.