How to get Honey Badger Blueprint in Ghost Recon Breakpoint?

To get Honey Badger in Breakpoint first you will need to blueprint. Part of 4 Week challenge this weapon will make you grind a lot.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Title Update 3.0 brought new weapons in the game. Honey Badger is one of them, a powerful Assault Rifle that can be unlocked by completing the 4-Week challenge. But after completing the challenge you will not get this weapon right into your inventory. There is a way to unlock Honey Badger in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Read the full process here.

Buy Honey Badger from Maria’s Shop

Completing the 4-Week challenge will reward you with the blueprint. It is not like you will have to find a chest or it is hidden somewhere. Just go with the challenge and visit Maria’s shop. It is the easiest way to get Honey Badger in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. If you are having enough Skell Credits in your pocket you can purchase this weapon instantly.

Maria’s shop in Mount Hodgson province at Erewhon camp. The first camp you will unlock at the very start of the game. This is your only base on the entire map and you can fast travel to this place after completing missions.

After running the latest update you will find the Honey Badger blueprint listed in Maria’s shop. Honey Badger costs 20,000 Skell credits. A pretty massive amount and if you are not having enough money then you can do the following things.

Locate Skell Stash: There are spots on the map that will take you to chest with Skell Credits in them. You can earn from a few hundred to thousands of credits by unlocking them. Killing guards around also reward you with a lot of credits.

Main Missions: Mission unlocks new blueprints, armors, weapons, and also money. So do not forget to play all the main missions. Year 1 pass owners will get a chance to play Episode 3 that reward players with over 20K skell credits. It is a slow process but this is how you can make a lot of money.

Sell items at Maria’s Shop: The need for cash then sell your unusable items to Maria and fill up your pocket with free Skell Credits. You will find a lot of items while playing missions. This includes weapons, materials, etc. Sell them off instantly.

Kill Karen to unlock Honey Badger

The second way to get a Honey Badger Gun in Ghost Recon Breakpoint is by playing Mission Kill Kraken. This mission is reserved for Episode 3, which requires Year 1 pass. If you have the pass then you can complete the Kill Kraken Mission and unlock new weapons. Eliminating the final target will reward you with 6 items, Honey Badger is one of them. Check the video above to know more about Ghost Recon Breakpoint Episode 3.

So these are the two ways to unlock Honey Badger in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Stay tuned for more updates.