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Fall Guys Failed To Login Error – How To Fix?

Wondering if you can fix the Failed to Login error in Fall Guys? We have it covered.

Fall Guys is one of the chaotic battle royale-style games that gained a lot of attention during the mid-pandemic stages. Backed by the positive critics and the acquisition of Mediatonic, Epic Games acquired the publishing rights and has now launched it as a free-to-play game. Since then many users are facing the Failed To Login, please check your Internet Connection error in Fall Guys. So let’s see why users are facing this error and how to fix it.


Fix Fall Guys Failed to Login Please Check Your Internet Connection Error

Failed to Login Error Fix Fall Guys

As mentioned earlier, since acquiring the publishing rights, Epic Games made this game free-to-play. This means new people are just rushing over to try out this game. The servers are now overloaded due to this and that is the main cause of this error. Thus players see “Failed to Login Please Check Your Internet Connection” on their screen. And unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to fix it.

The sixty-person battle royale where you play as jellybean-like characters and go through different obstacle-filled challenges surely sounds interesting. You have to qualify for the next round through each minimap and be the last man standing to win. No doubt players have rushed to play the game. All you can do is keep trying to login and as soon as the server gets some traffic clearance, you will be able to join again.


Troubleshooting Tips

Since the server thing is not in your hands, there is not much you can do. We still recommend you go through these troubleshooting tips and be ready to enter:

  • Make sure your Internet Connection is working properly.
  • Avoid any large downloads as the game will receive low bandwidth.
  • Make sure you have the latest updates for your Windows.
  • Check your graphic drivers for any pending updates.
  • Lastly, make sure your game files are intact and not corrupted or missing.

That’s all there is in this guide – let’s see how swiftly Epic Games provides a fix for the “failed to login, please check your internet connection” error in Fall Guys. While you are here, check out our Fall Guys guides, tips, and tricks with Gamer Tweak.