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Skyrim Failed To Load Address Library Fix

Here is how you can fix the failed to load address library for Skyrim.

While using the Together Reborn Mod for Skyrim many players are getting the failed to load address library error and need a fix. You get this error when you select the wrong executable file for the mod. This causes the game to always show this error and doesn’t allow you to play. But worry not even if you did select the wrong file you can still revert the mistake. So in this guide let us check how to fix the failed to load address library for Skyrim.

How to Fix Failed to Load Address Library in Skyrim

skyrim how to fix failed to load address library error

To fix this error you need to make sure you select the SkyrimSE.exe for SkyrimTogther.exe executable. While this is the main fix there are two more things you can do to solve this error, here are all of them:

  • Selecting the correct SkyrimSE executable: If you happened to add the wrong path you will get this error.
    1. So the way you solve it is by pressing the space key and double-clicking the SkyrimTogther.exe file.
    2. Here, go to the correct location of where you installed Skyrim and select the SkyrimSE.exe executable.
    3. Once you select it you should no longer get the error and should be able to play the Together Reborn mod.

If the above fix didn’t work with you then you should also do the following things before trying again.

  • Update the game to version 1.6
    • The Together Reborn Mod is not compatible with the older versions of Skyrim below 1.6. So make sure you update your game to the latest version or at least anything above version 1.6.
  • Selecting All in one (Anniversary Edition) for Address Library Plugins mod
    • If you use the Address Library for SKSE Plugins mod you have to make sure you choose All in one (Anniversary Edition) and not the All in one (Special Edition). The Special Edition is not compatible with the mod. If you did select All in one (Special Edition) then you have to uninstall the Special Edition and reinstall it. But this time you have to reinstall it as the Anniversary Edition.

That covers all the ways you can fix the failed to load address library error for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. If you play this game and need help on other things then check our guides on how to exit werewolf form and how to get a house in raven rock.