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Valorant: How To Use Fade’s Seize Ability

Not sure how Fade's Seize ability works in Valorant? Check out this guide to learn about it and its best combinations.

Fade is the latest Initiator agent in Valorant Episode 4 Act 3 that has many abilities, and one such ability is Seize. It is a crowd control ability that can be used with other agents in interesting ways to get some kills. So in this guide let us check how to use Fade’s Seize ability in Valorant and the best combinations for it.

How to Use Fade’s Seize Ability in Valorant


valorant how to use fades seize ability

You can use the Seize ability to hold enemies in an area while applying decay and deaf on them. This is a crowd control ability that stays in effect for 4.5 seconds. You can equip it using the Q key on your keyboard and throw it using the left mouse button. When you left-click again to re-use the ability, it will instantly drop the fear knot. If you don’t reuse the ability it will automatically fall down after 1.5 seconds. This ability costs 200 credits.

The best thing about this ability is the enemies can’t leave the area until the effect is over. Though agents that can use teleport can slip away from this ability. Since most agents can’t leave the area you should team up with the following agents to get some kills.


Seize Combos with Agent Ultimates

  • Brimstone: Orbital Strike is a sure kill when you pair it up with Seize.
  • Sova: Sova’s ultimate Hunter’s Fury is also a good combination to use with Seize to get some kills.
  • Killjoy: You can time Fade’s Seize with Killjoy’s Lockdown to detain the enemies. While this isn’t as powerful as the Orbital Strike you can still kill the detained enemies. Or knife them to add salt to the wounds.
  • Raze: Raze’s ultimate Showstopper is not the best combo but might just get you a kill or two if you are quick enough. The enemies can still shoot you though so it may not work as you might want it to.

Other abilities to combo with Seize


These are the best abilities that can get you kills with Seize.

  • Incendiary (Brimstone)
  • Nanoswarm (Killjoy)
  • Shock Bolt (Sova)
  • Paint Shells (Raze)
  • Snake Bite (Viper)

These are some other abilities that might get you some kills with Seize.


  • Hot Hands (Pheonix)
  • Aftershock (Breach)

That covers this guide on how to use Fade’s Seize in Valorant and the best combinations for it. You should also check out our Valorant section to get help with various error fixes and settings.