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Fabric 1.18 Minecraft Mod Loader & API Install Guide

Here are all the steps to download and install the Minecraft 1.18 Fabric Mod Loader & API.

Minecraft 1.18 has been released and naturally, players are now searching for more updates related to Fabric 1.18. How to install the Fabric mod loader and API file? Let’s look at the steps below.


How to Download & Install Fabric for Minecraft 1.18

Follow this process to get Fabric mod loader for Minecraft 1.18.

  • Head to fabricmc.net.
  • Download the Fabric loader from the site from here.
  • Click on the Download Installer button as per your requirement. The Windows/.EXE one is recommended.
    minecraft 1.18 fabric mod loader installation guide
  • In the Fabric installer window that appears, select Minecraft version 1.18.
  • Click on Install.
  • Ensure that your Minecraft launcher is closed before the installation. Once done, continue by clicking YES.
  • You will now see the Successfully Installed window – click on OK.
  • Next, launch Minecraft via your launcher and check the area to the left of the green PLAY button. It should say Fabric Loader 1.18.

How to Download & Install Fabric API

You may also have to install Fabric API into the mods folder. To do that, follow these simple steps:

  • Head to Curseforge.com and find Fabric API.
  • Scroll down and find the Recent files on the right side of the screen. You should see the 1.18 Fabric API file – download it.
    how to download install fabric api minecraft
  • Wait a bit and you will get your download file. Make sure to “Keep” the jar file.
  • Then, find the Minecraft mod you are using and has a recent file compatible for Minecraft 1.18. Download it.
  • Next, in your PC’s search bar, type %appdata% and find the .minecraft folder.
  • Find the mods folder or create one if needed. Name it “mods” without the double quotes.
  • Now, drag and drop your downloaded files into this folder.
  • That’s all you need to do.
  • Head back to your launcher and select Fabric loader 1.18 and hit play.
  • At the bottom left section of the Minecraft screen, you should be able to see Minecraft 1.18/Fabric (Modded) which means things have worked out properly.

And there you have it! That’s all for Minecraft Fabric mod loader and API. While you are here, don’t forget to check out the list of the best Minecraft 1.18 shaders.