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Genshin Impact: Fable Of Qingce Village Idle Animation Quest Guide

Not sure how to complete the Fable of Qingce Photography Challenge in Genshin Impact? This guide will help you out with it and the Idle animation.

In Genshin Impact you can complete the Fable of Qingce Village Challenge that needs your character to do an idle animation. You can find this challenge in Outside the Canvas, Inside the Lens under the Events Overview. This task is very easy to complete and grants you good rewards like Primogem, Mora, and Hero’s Wit. So in this guide let us quickly check how to complete the Fable of Qingce Village Idle Animation Challenge in Genshin Impact and its rewards.

How to Complete the Fable of Qingce Village Challenge in Genshin Impact


how to complete the fable of qingce village challenge in genshin impact
Image Credit: WoW Quests on YouTube

You can complete the Fable of Qingce Village Photo Challenge by fulfilling its criteria and taking a picture. Go to the Events Overview and select Outside the Canvas, Inside the Lens. Here, select the right image on the 3rd row. Below are the tasks you need to do for this challenge. Let us also learn how to do them.

  • The Photography Target is:
    • Near the Qingce Village
      1. Go to the Qingce Village and head east near the cliff-like area. The location is very close to the Teleport Waypoint east of the village.
    • Your photo angle should cover all three photo points
      1. Once you reach the location, you will see a highlighted area for the quest with the Kamera icon on it.
      2. Go there and click on “Prepare to Photograph”.
      3. Next start aligning your character such that it faces all three points over the cliff. They will look like bubbles or white circles.
    • The character should be idling
      1. This is easy as once you have aligned the camera with the points you just have to wait.
      2. Don’t move your character or camera at all and your character will start idling.
    • The time when you take the photo should be between 6:00 to 18:00 during the day
      1. As the task suggests you can only complete this task during the day between 6:00 to 18:00.


Do all of these steps and click the picture and you will complete the challenge. Once you complete the challenge you get 30 Primogem, 20000 Mora, and 2 Hero’s Wit as its rewards.

That covers everything you should know about how to complete the Fable of Qingce Village Photography Challenge and Idle Animation in Genshin Impact. I also suggest you check our other Genshin Impact guides if you like playing this game, as you can get help with many other topics on it.