How To Complete Eyes In The Dark In Disney Dreamlight Valley (Full Quest Guide)

Looking forward to unlocking Nala in Disney Dreamlight Valley, then check out how you can complete the Eyes in the Dark quest.

Wondering how you can complete the Eyes in the Dark quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Then here’s all you need. Just like you many players out there are grinding this quest to unlock Nala. For those who are unaware, Nala is the first new character that you’ll come across in the latest major update. So if you are stuck somewhere in the quest, then scroll down for a quick walkthrough.

Eyes in the Dark Quest Guide for Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here’s a walkthrough for Eyes in the Dark quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Before you move ahead make sure you have at least 10,000 Dreamlight in your pocket. Or else you won’t be able to unlock and access the new Lion King realm, i.e. required to unlock Nala. With that said, let’s dive right into it.

  1. First, unlock the Lion King realm located in the Castle situated on the left side of the Frozen Realm.
  2. After that, simply interact with Nala, once the cutscene ends. She’ll explain to you the issue she has been facing because of the Hyenas. And you have you help her get rid of them.
  3. Next, grab your Royal Shovel and start digging up the dried Night Thorns in search of some seeds.

    Eyes in the Dark Quest Guide for Disney Dreamlight Valley
    Source Image: Bazzy
  4. Once done, head near the ledge and plant the seeds into the holes. And after that keep watering them with your Royal Watering Can to grow the thorns.
  5. Then, Nala will again approach you thanking you for your efforts. However, this was a temporary solution to keep the eyes in the dark out in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
  6. After that, go ahead and use your Royal Shovel again to remove the Night thorns blocking the cave path.

    Eyes in the Dark Quest Guide
    Source Image: Bazzy
  7. Next, simply talk to Nala again and after that, you’ll be tasked to lower the log near the waterfall. And on the other side, you’ll find the most iconic character Simba.
  8. To lower the log near the waterfall break the stone boulder beside the waterfall using the Royal Pickaxe and that’ll do the trick.

    Eyes in the Dark Quest Guide for Dreamlight Valley
    Source Image: Bazzy
  9. Once done, simply walk over the log to cross the river and look for Simba.
  10. After that, talk to Simba and say Hakuna Matata, as Nala mentioned earlier.
  11. Next, Simba will head to the other side of the river to meet Nala, simply follow him and enjoy their joyous reunion.
  12. After that, Simba will ask you to catch some insects to set up a tasty platter for Nala.
  13. For that you’ll be tasked to catch 6 Colorful Bugs from the dried-out oasis. Ans 3 Slimy bugs from the nearest river.
  14. Once done, Simba will again ask you to catch some Red Bugs, which can be obtained by removing the stump deeper in the jungle.

    Eyes in the Dark Quest
    Source Image: Bazzy
  15. So head back to the other side of the river and use your shovel to remove the stump shown in the image above.
  16. After you have all the ingredients go ahead and cook 3x Bug Platter. The cooking station is located just behind Nala and Simba.
  17. Once done cooking, give all the Bug Platter to Nala and talk with her.
  18. She’ll then hint you towards a solution to scare off the hundreds of Hyenas they are surrounded by.
  19. Your next task will be to head back to your Village and talk to Scrooge McDuck. In order to get your hand on the Sound System.
  20. However, the sound system is broken, so make sure you repair it at the Crafting Station.
  21. Once done, head back to the Lion King realm and give Nala the Sound System.
  22. After that, Simba and Nala will roar in the mic to scare off the Hyenas.
  23. And then she’ll be intrigued about the Village you are from.
  24. Talk with her for a while and convince her to visit the Dreamlight Valley. However,  in order to welcome her you’ll have to place the Pride Rock in the village.
  25. To place a Pride Rock look for an empty place and use Scrooge McDuck to complete the construction process. For that, you will have to pay him up to 15,000 Star Coins.
  26. And once done, head near the Fountain in the Plaza to unlock & Welcome Nala.

And that’s how you can complete the Eyes in the Dark quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. If you like cooking then check out this Recipe List and that’ll get you going. Also, take a look at the Redeem codes to obtain free rewards in the game.